Calming Down And Moving Forward

I’m the first to admit that my youngest son is “all boy”; this is code for just a little crazy.  He is literally running from the moment he wakes up until the moment he finally crashes into sleep.

This has been a tough adjustment for me seeing as though neither my older son nor my daughter was ever like this when they were two (it seemed like it was tough at the time, but looking back, dealing with the two of them together – they are only 17 months apart – was easier than dealing with my little guy).

I am always tired and usually exasperated by having to say “no” over and over again, or dealing with yet another epic meltdown, and boy can he have them.  The real problem is that he looks much older than 2 because he is very tall and built like a linebacker (neither the pediatrician nor I can make sense of this because my other two are smaller and very thin).  This makes it much harder on my back and makes people in public much less inclined to give him a break when he does have “a moment”.  I don’t really care about our adoring public at this point, but my back cares a lot.  Many days have ended with me in tears over ridiculous struggles.  C’est la vie.

But, I have recently decided that instead of constantly complaining and pleading with God for a calmer kid, I would remind myself to be thankful that he is healthy enough to have the energy to be a little crazy and try to embrace this by doing new things with him where he can let it all out, while also working with him on reeling it in as much as he can when the time calls for it.  I think if it were up to my husband, we would just sit at home or only go to outdoor venues until the phase passes (we are fervently praying that it does), but I am now seeing this as a challenge and a teaching experience.  After a lot of whining and bitterness toward those families with calm kids (yes, I was/am totally jealous of the parents with shy kids who sit still for longer than .3 seconds – I’m human and I’m tired), I feel like I am ready to face it head on!  My back? Not so sure, but willing to give it a try.

I have started to do new outings with him while my big kids are at school; some work, some don’t and that’s ok.  It’s NEVER easy because he is still in constant motion and has a mind of his own, but I can tell he is loving life and that’s what’s really important, right?  I know it is normal to test the boundaries when you are two and as far as that goes, he is extremely normal, perhaps above average even (not sure that is something to brag about, but there you have it).  I want him to keep his spirit and show his sweetness off to others and I know the day is coming where he won’t always be the loud, crazy kid with the frazzled mom chasing slowly after him on her motorized scooter – that’s where I feel I may be headed, but hopefully that won’t actually come to fruition.

My baby is special and I am determined to keep him that way, even if  he seems more determined to break me.  Until the day comes when we reach a mutual understanding regarding acceptable behavior, I will enjoy the beautiful (and rare) moments like this!!!

the only time my favorite little guy is still.

snuggling – the only time my favorite little guy is still.

Please pray for me as I embark on this new outlook on life (and share secret tips if you have them)……and pray for lots of naps, too! 🙂