I’m Still Here

Hi everyone.  Sorry I have been missing the last month or so.  I have had some health issues; nothing very serious, just seemingly non-ending.

Needless to say, I have been focusing the minimum energy that I have on my 3 little rugrats, who, let’s face it, don’t help with my exhaustion but do help with motivating me to keep on trucking.

We’re still having fun when we can and loving life as it comes along and I hope to be back to regular posts very soon!  For now, I will leave you with a view of why I still choose to embrace the insanity of motherhood. 🙂


these little hoodlums drive me crazy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way….unless it involved more naps….


Ten Thoughts Tuesday


Since I am obviously not able to keep up with my blogging these days, here’s a few of the thoughts going through my head this week:

1.  It’s Tuesday – that’s not nearly close enough to Friday.

2. Big Brother will be having his 8th birthday party on Saturday and I am praying that it goes well and he has a great time with his friends.

3. The first school project of the year has been assigned and it is a diorama of an animal’s habitat for Science class.  Big Brother chose the camel as his animal.  Do you have any idea how boring the landscape is for a Middle Eastern desert?! Beige, beige, and more beige.

4. Tomorrow I get to help chaperone the first field trip of the year.  It is at a nursery (the plant kind, not the baby kind) so it could be interesting, assuming the love bugs stay away.

5. Speaking of love bugs, I am so OVER Florida love bug season.  I don’t mind the occasional mating bugs flying around, but they have been EVERYWHERE lately and in droves!  The Princess is not a fan and is overly dramatic (shocking, right?).  Her screams regarding love bugs are enough to push me over the edge.

6. Big Trouble is obsessed with PRETENDING to go potty (not sure if this is better or worse than him saying he is scared to go).  He will literally sit/stand on/by the toilet for half an hour until I finally make him leave the bathroom and then he will promptly pee in the new clean diaper (or on the floor) the minute we exit the proper area.  Same old, same old.

7.  I helped a young mom out in Target this week when she spilled her coffee all over her cart only to have her 3 year old yell out “Mom, you made a mess!”.  I have totally been that mom on numerous occasions and this happened during one of the few times I have ever been to Target sans ANY of my kids so I helped her transfer her goodies into my empty cart before they got ruined and I found someone who had a wet floor sign because she didn’t want to just leave the mess on the floor.  She smiled that grateful (and tired) smile of a Mom who knows when someone isn’t judging, only sympathizing from experience.   You don’t find that much anymore (believe me, I have learned this with Big Trouble) so it made me feel good to offer any assistance that I could.

8. I took Big Trouble grocery shopping this morning after I dropped the big kids off at school.  He was incredibly well behaved, mostly because he kept taking everything out of the basket part of the cart and trying to stack it up in the seat next to him; and he said good morning to nearly everyone we saw.  Surprisingly, he didn’t break anything and we only had a tiny milk leak when he roughly tossed the milk up onto the conveyor belt.  I couldn’t believe he was strong enough to lift the milk!  I wish he could always be so helpful and happy.

9. Big Trouble’s preschool has a “cooking” center where the kids get to help make their snack once a week.  The first week, he kept coming home and talking about “the butters”.  I knew there had to be more to the snack than the butters but he couldn’t quite explain it.  I finally remembered to ask his teacher and she said they had made toast and used cookie cutters to cut shapes out of it and then put butter on it.  That made much more sense, but I love that he keeps saying butterS.  Kind of cute.  Clearly, he is having a blast at school and not missing me at all.

10.  I signed up to volunteer in the Princess’ class on Monday mornings to help the teacher with the homework folders.  It doesn’t take long and I am happy to do it.  It kind of makes me sad though because you can tell which kids have helpful parents and which are really struggling.  That has to be tough for the teacher too.