It’s Way Too Quiet


Recently, my kids have been “testing” me….over and over and over again.  They insist on fighting constantly, usually resulting in all of us yelling (the baby usually just screams for fun so he can participate too, but equally as irritating as the fighting).  For the record, I do try to keep an inside voice but sometimes I have to get loud just to make them hear me over their nonsense!  Needless to say, it’s been a VERY long Summer this year with me adding multiple grey hairs to my ever-growing collection.

As such, it was with much joy that I stumbled upon the following scene last week:

imagine a quiet bedroom somewhere in Northern Florida; mom had previously sent her older children to this room so that she could put the baby down for a nap without him waking up 3 seconds later due to a sibling fight nearby.  About 3 minutes into the moment of attempting a nap, mom realizes that things are a little quiet upstairs.  This could be bad, very bad, because this house is rarely a quiet one.  She tiptoes upstairs to have a peek into the bedroom and realizes that both children are reading quietly and big brother is helping little sister out with the words she is having trouble with.  Could this be?  Cooperation without her insistence?! It was a Summer miracle!

definitely a miracle

I was thrilled because it gave me hope that one day they might actually continue this act for longer than 10 seconds at a time!  Success!…..then I walked back downstairs, smiling the whole way down to where my “sweet” child had been laying peacefully on the couch not 1 minute earlier, nice and dreamy-eyed.  I found this scene (NOTE TO SELF – stop leaving snacks on the table because this critter will get it no matter how far you push them back):

What? I was being quiet and self-sufficient.  Want a floor pretzel?

Never a dull moment, especially if things sound quiet.


First Haircut “Fun”

Last weekend I finally decided that I could no longer take the ridiculous way my toddler’s hair was growing (he had a nice combo of Billy Ray Cyrus’ mullet and Donald Trump’s swoop – nice, right?).  So, I decided to bite the bullet and head over to a neighborhood barber shop and finally get him a professional haircut.  This trip had been necessary for quite some time, but I had repeatedly resisted because my youngest is what you call “a wiggler” and I had visions of him losing an eye during the process.  For this reason, I purposely went to the location containing a special airplane seat in an attempt to provide the greatest distraction. (For the record, I know all kids are not this way and I wish I knew how some parents received children that sit quietly on their laps during the process – if you have tips on that, please let me know)

We arrived the first thing in the morning and I quickly plopped  my monsterdarling son into the plane, reading for some quick action. (please envision me halfway in the chair myself, practically sitting on top of my son, in order to keep him seated long enough to strap him down like an insane asylum patient – good times)  He was not pleased and he gave me and the stylist a long, hard stare to warn us that he only intended to cooperate for a split second.

He had just started spinning the steering wheel on the plane when the stylist placed the smock thing around his neck, whereupon he started screaming, “OFF, OFF, OFF” in a murderous tone as though he thought she was trying to strangle him. (Cut to mommy pleading with him to continue flying the plane)

shortly after the first screaming episode

He decided to give in slightly, meaning that he stopped screaming but then started looking around frantically for his big sister who had accompanied us on our search for good hair.  I can only assume he figured that since mom was refusing to rescue him, perhaps sister would.  She popped her head around me in an attempt to amuse him and he looked halfway amused.

still not sure about this haircut thing

Alas, this only worked for about 45 seconds before he once again started shouting, only this time he was chanting, “I get down, I GET down, I GET DOWWWWWN!!!”  Right about this time he started trying to figure got how to get loose on his own and he almost did lose an eye when he suddenly yanked his head around in the direction of the scissors.  We had only been there approx. 3 minutes at this point and I was beginning to worry that he would just have to learn to love his new half-mullet (the lady had only made it halfway around his head and it wasn’t pretty).

doing his best to get his eye poked out

Then, out of the seat across from us, we heard a marvelous sound: Donald Duck.  I glanced over and saw an old man, also getting his haircut, but sitting still for his stylist unlike my wiggler, and he was trying to distract my son with the Donald Duck voice.  At first, my son stared at him suspiciously because it didn’t seem right that the voice was coming from a man and not Donald Duck.  (Yes, he does know Donald Duck because we watch way too much Mickey Mouse Club House)  Then he started looking at the man with a kind of admiration, which then led to a smile.

our new friend, Donald Duck

I quickly instructed the stylist to CUTTTTT while we trying to continue with the new distraction!  The poor man was forced to talk like Donald for another 5 minutes just so my baby wouldn’t hurl himself kamikaze-style out of the plane in another attempt to escape.  I was very grateful for this man and his absurd talents.  It allowed my son to at least get his hair shorter than his shoulders and with the Donald Trump swoosh mostly gone, even though it wasn’t completely straight and the front was a little short (this is no reflection on the stylist for I was really just grateful that he survived the war of the haircuts with both eyes intact).

We then received a lock of the mullet for his baby book and a certificate saying that he had passed on from babyhood thanks to his haircut (almost made me cry with that phrasing).  As we left, I let him have his first lollipop as a reward for living through the ordeal (much to the chagrin of my grandma who told me I should never give a child lollipops because when she was little a baby died while eating one – seriously, that’s what she got out of my story of the haircut; guess I should be glad he survived the eating of his first lollipop as well).

Oh, yeah, no choking on lollipops here

Now, I am praying that his hair grows back very slowly so that I don’t have to deal with this again for a long time, which most likely means it will all be back by next week…I will have his second lollipop ready to eat during the haircut this time (sorry, grandma).

Fun, Yet Practical Baby Gifts!

In previous posts I have mentioned my love of creating baby gifts out of practical items that every mother can use.  I have made items for craft shows and private parties, along with numerous personal parties for friends and family.  I don’t make a lot of money doing this, but it’s a fun escape from the craziness of mothering 3 little ones.

Recently, I have had a few people contact me for tips on putting together cakes and other baby goodies in original ways and I would love to share them with you.  The prices of most of the diaper cakes on the internet are ridiculous so if you are even the slightest bit crafty, you can absolutely make a fun, practical gift yourself for a fraction of the cost.  I am no professional designer, obviously, but I truly believe you can tell when someone’s heart goes into a project and that means a lot to people in this age of generic gift giving!  So, please feel free to use/tweak my ideas for your personal use and share pictures with me if you are inspired to create something magical!

diaper wreath for a hospital room door

  • Tip 1: If the person you are making the gift for has a baby registry, scour it early on in order to see if they have established a theme for their nursery because it will help you in deciding how to decorate.  The registry may also include specific items that the parents are looking for that fit the theme (such as rattles, bottles, pacifiers, etc.) and you can purchase those to use in/on your cake if you so desire.  You are purchasing from the registry while giving the gifts a unique twist so it’s a win-win.

    lady bug theme using items from a registry (including head bands, brush/comb, nail clippers, socks, etc.)

  • Tip 2: If you know the expectant mom very well, think about her own personal tastes and incorporate those into a gift.  I have done this for friends and family via the “pregnancy craving” route, which is why so many of my non-cake creations are still food items.  Some foods are easier made than others, but I’m convinced anything is possible if you have time to try!

    “sushi” made from layette items, diapers and washcloths

    “sub” made from blankets, diapers, washcloths and socks

    “lollipops” and “candy”

    fuzzy sock “cupcakes” (or “ice cream” if you add a spoon to the package) for the mommy

    diaper “cupcakes”

    If the personal tastes are of the non-edible nature (such as flowers or shoes), you can try to create something in that genre too.  I’ve always wanted to try to make a diaper jewelry set, just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

flowers made from a layette set

baby bootie made from diapers

  • Tip 3: Don’t forget the dad when creating the gift.  Everyone always oohs and aahs over the mommy and her growing belly, and rightfully so because it is no joke to be pregnant, but sometimes the dads get lost in the shuffle and it takes them a little longer to really get the feeling that they are about to become a parent!  I like to make a little daddy diaper kit that is silly, but funny, and helps the dad feel like part of the process too.  You can also get little bibs or clothing with sayings like, “I love daddy” or “daddy’s little helper” which you can include in the project in order to let the special guy know he is thought of as well.

    silly items included in the diaper changing kit (goggles, gloves, mask, tongs, diaper, wipes, powder, hand sanitizer, and diaper bag)

    all wrapped up with a cute poem (if you are interested in the wording of the poem, send me a message and I will get it to you)

  • Tip 4: If you can’t come up with a specific theme, there is nothing wrong with going down the traditional blue or pink path (or green/yellow if the gender is unknown).  It may seem less creative, but despite a lot of parents wanting to break down gender barriers, there’s only so many times you can deal with a stranger asking “how old is he?” when you have a brand new little girl – or vice versa.  Having a little pink or blue lying around can help avoid the mix up in the beginning when ALL babies look like little, wrinkly old men. (Be forewarned that some people are just dumb and still won’t get it, regardless of the obvious color scheme you present, but we’re going with the assumption that most humans will understand).

    twin “generic” cakes

  • Tip 5:Don’t use adhesive that will ruin any of the items that you are giving as gifts.  I have seen diaper cakes that are absolutely stunning in person, but they use so much glue/tape to hold it together that a lot of the diapers are ruined in the process.  This kind of defeats the purpose of giving diapers (or clothes or blankets, etc.) as it should be something that is easy to take apart and use immediately!  **8 oz. Bottles are the perfect item to place in the center of the diapers to hold cake tiers together with no adhesive.  Large cloth diaper pins (or safety pins) work well when you want to wrap a cute towel or sheet or blanket around something without destroying it.  The holes never show when you take the pin out and the items will stay in place.  Also, if you are wrapping up diapers individually in rolls, the little, clear plastic hair bands that you can find in packs of 500 at any store work FANTASTIC for holding the roll together and maintaining the integrity of the diaper at the same time.  Tying ribbon or tulle around the edges also helps to keep everything together during the transport of the gift and can also allow a safe surface to glue or tape tiny decorative items to, if need be!**

    everything is held together by hidden rubber bands, ribbon/tulle, and diaper pins!

  • Tip 6: Don’t overdo the decorations if you are making a cake!  It is so tempting to keep adding toy after toy and bottles and socks and all other sorts of goodies to the outside of the cake.  However, it’s difficult to attach all of these things in a permanent way and even if you can manage to do it, the cake starts looking really cluttered and overwhelmed.

    I got a little carried away with this basketball-themed cake…

    …and it continued on to the back of the cake

    The good news is that a lot of the items that you will want to include can be hidden within the layers of the cake (onesies rolled up just like the diapers; fork/spoon sets  pressed into the center of a diaper and hidden with a nice pair of scratch mittens; the top of a bottle covered in a cute skull-cap, stuffed animal, or bath mitten, etc.).   When it comes to decorating, less is more; just remember to add a tag listing all of your ingredients so the recipient knows everything that is included!

  • plenty of hidden treasures, but in a subtle way

I hope these little tips and pictures will come in handy and I hope you are inspired to make your own fun baby creation.  It seems to always be baby season these days, no matter who you are, so it’s fun to mix things up for each shower you are invited to attend!  If I can help with any specific questions that I haven’t answered here, feel free to ask!

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Birthday Treats – Linking Up

What’s your favorite birthday party treat?

I’m so excited about this special post because I was invited to “link up” with my friends, Tami and Lauren, the creators of Side By Side Design, who are celebrating their 1-year blogging “birthday” this week!  The theme for the link-up is “favorite birthday party treats” so here’s a few ideas based on my favorite party treat: LOLLIPOPS!


Since I attend/plan mostly kid parties and baby showers at this point in my life, the choice of lollipops should be no surprise.  But, I have noticed that even the adults that attend these shindigs seem to really enjoy the lollipops so I’m going with the idea that they are a universal treat.

My goal when I use the lollipops at parties is to incorporate them in a fun way, fitting of the theme of the party.  For example, at my daughter’s recent Alice In Wonderland Party, we made a lollipop mushroom (for the “who are you?” caterpillar/butterfly themed table) out of styrofoam and dumdums.  We used it as a centerpiece for one of the tables and for a party favor for the kids to add to their stash as the party ended – a win, win because Lord knows I didn’t want to bring 100 dumdums back home with me for my kids to fight over!

lollipop mushroom – you could tell the shape better in person, but you get the idea

As I said earlier, I have planned and have been asked to help with the planning of numerous baby showers over the last few years.  As a mom of three, with ages ranging from 1-6, I know what new moms need and don’t need, based purely on trial and error experience, so I like to go the practical route.

I started by making trusty old diaper cakes in an attempt to make practical baby gifts more exciting, but after a while, the diaper cake ran its course so I tried to get a little more creative with my gifts by making sandwiches, sushi, cupcakes, and, you guessed it, LOLLIPOPS, all out of baby supplies!  They’re fun gifts and very useful once unwrapped.

sadly, I’m not a great photographer, but here’s a glimpse at some of my early washcloth lollipops

Usually these types of crafts are reserved for the baby shower or a hospital gift once the baby is born, but a few years ago, a long-distance friend of mine was hosting a “Splish-Splash” (bath/pool) themed 1st birthday party for her son.  Since the majority of children attending were young babies, WAY too little to enjoy a real lollipop, she asked me to make the washcloth lollipops to display on the tables.  When the party was over, each child got to pick a washcloth “lollipop” and a rubber duck filled with child-friendly bubble bath, which he/she could then use at home!

**SIDENOTE, I also made a diaper/swim diaper cake with the duck theme as a present for the birthday boy (which she also displayed) and she said it REALLY came in handy as several of the babies soiled themselves immediately upon arriving at the party so she had plenty of backups and thus no pool contamination! :)**

who knew she would need the contents of this “cake” before the party even got started?!

Anyhow, the point to my ramblings about cute baby parties and practical necessities is that the lollipops (or cakes, sandwiches, sushi, etc.) don’t always have to be edible to be a treat and a way to incorporate fun into a party!  You can even make faux lollipops for adults as a housewarming gift or bridal shower gift by using dish towels and mixing spoons.  So much more fun than just wrapping them up!

Here are a few other easy lollipop ideas that I like for the future:

Another example of a fun, non-edible lollipop idea for a candy-land themed party!

alien spaceship lollipops, perhaps for my son’s upcoming space-themed party?

homemade flower bouquet with lollipop centers, perhaps for valentines?

There are so many ideas out there and these are just a few.  I hope you are inspired or at least amused and I hope you will check out the other ideas submitted to the Side By Side Design blog on their feature Friday!  I am all always interested to hear about exciting party planning ideas from others so please feel free to share your favorite treat ideas with me, too!

Special thanks to Tami and Lauren for inviting me to be a part of their link-up!

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The Big Boy Bed

A few weeks ago, I had the unfortunate opportunity to watch my youngest son attempt to climb out of his crib head first.  As I was in the room at the time, I was able to grab his ankles before he tumbled out, but it scared me, nonetheless.  I was hoping this was just a one time thing because he was excited to see me, but he did it again the next night!

Now, all 3 of my kids have been climbers who just can’t stay in the crib so I am used to this at this particular age, so I did what I have done in the past and put the crib away in order to bring out the toddler bed.  I have no fear of the annoying part of him climbing in and out of bed and being a pain because I haven’t slept in 7 years and am well-adjusted to the life of over-exerted troll.  However, he is a PSYCHO SLEEPER aka “P.S.” (def: one who sleeps while in constant motion, rolling, kicking, stretching, clapping, etc. – no joke, he makes himself laugh and clap all while asleep).   The kid is literally non-stop, while awake and while asleep.

Because of his P.S. status, he has already managed to roll directly over the “prevent a child from rolling off” sides of his toddler bed several nights in a row, pretty much guaranteeing that this particular bed will not do the trick, even though it worked just fine for his big brother.  Granted, the bed is like one foot off the ground so the odds of him really hurting himself are slim, but it freaks his dad out when we hear the THUD that inevitably occurs so it’s time to think of something else.

Has anyone else ever had this issue and solved it?  I’ve thought of just using a mattress on the floor for a little while but he’s sure to roll off of that, too so is it really a solution?  I am not buying the $100 crib net either because I have seen how quickly my older kids could get in and out of one of these at a friend’s house a few years ago when they were my darling son’s age and I know it would be a waste of money, not to mention make me feel like I have a pet butterfly instead of a child.

What to do? What to do?  Last night he slept in the bed with us after falling out and I’m fairly certain he bruised my spleen, not to mention a cracked skull from a foot to the head and red cheeks from being used as a human drum, resulting in us getting out of bed together to watch Sprout at 4:30 so as not to wake anyone else up.   This simply will not do no matter how cute he is while cuddling me before the crack of dawn.  HELP ME, PLEASE!!!! 🙂

I Don’t Get It

I’m sure this won’t be the only post entitled “I don’t get it” since the things my kids do never fail to confuse me, but right now I am curious as to why my 19-month-old is obsessed with the toilet.  I introduced him to the Cars potty seat I saved from when my 6-year-old was potty training, thinking perhaps he would be easier to train and be in underoos by next month, but no such luck.

what fun

The first time I put him on there was because he surprised me by starting a stinky diaper as we were getting ready for a bath – good times.  I popped him onto the seat to finish his business, and he did, but it was really just good timing on my part.  He seemed to handle it pretty well (although I’m not even sure he realized what had happened) so I decided to try it again the next night in an attempt to avoid the nasty diaper or occasional bath time pee-pee.

He sat nervously on the potty seat placed on top of the regular toilet and looked at me like, “what am I supposed to do now?!”  I turned on the bath water hoping the epic sound of waterfalls would make him pee accidentally so I could point out what he was supposed to be doing, but of course this technique only seems to work on adults during long movies or car rides.

When he finally decided that just sitting on the toilet wasn’t fun anymore, he hopped down and he moved into the tub for his “bat” (bath).  I assumed this meant he wasn’t really interested anymore and I should probably wait a few more months before I tried again.  No big deal, right?

Of course I was completely wrong.  Now, all he wants to do is check out the big toilet with every opportunity he gets.  God help me if I accidentally leave the bathroom door open or he is able to sneak into the back bedroom which happens to have another entrance to the bathroom (one with a door that won’t lock)!  This is the view I get if I am not on top of his activity 24-7:

This is not actually my kid, but from behind, it looks just him partaking in his favorite pastime.

SOOOOO very gross and not at all amusing for this mama, but he thinks the toilet is the greatest thing ever.  And, not only does he want to splash in the toilet water, he wants to play with the potty seat too.  He insists on putting his potty on top of the toilet and then immediately taking it off again.  He doesn’t want to sit on it while it is on the toilet, just put it on and take it off and cheer for himself and the supposed progress he is making….and I’m supposed to clap along with him.  Hooray!  Occasionally he will sit on it while it is on the floor and read a book.  Yep, that’s what a potty is for, READING TIME.  He’s such a boy!

Has anyone else ever had a kid do this or is my sweet baby just one with strange interests, most likely to end up a penniless street artist who uses toilets as cereal bowls while trying to display them as a metaphor for some greater world issue?  Am I worrying too much about his future as a Depends model because he will never get potty-trained?

I guess I should be grateful that he hasn’t thrown anything into the toilet yet, including himself, because that would be worse, and ultimately more messy.  At what point will it be okay to try to reintroduce the potty to him for the purpose of actually going to the bathroom?  You would think I would have this down since he is my 3rd child, but he is a “unique” case, this kid.  Good thing he is cute because I really just don’t get this latest fascination!

The Side of Motherhood No One Ever Warns You About

Kids are gross. I have 3 and I have learned this well.  With my youngest, however, I think I may have finally won the record for the most diaper-related catastrophes in one morning.  Hooray for me.

It began this weekend before dawn when my toddler woke up grinning and ready to tackle the day at 5:30. I decided to be nice and snatch him quickly so that everyone else could sleep a little later.  We headed downstairs in the dark where I attempted to sit quietly with him, hoping he might fall back to sleep.  This plan was quickly foiled when he promptly peed out of his overflowing diaper and soaked us both.

This led us to change #1 and our first bath of the day.  Now, he LOVES bath time, which is not always the case for a toddler, so he was thrilled that he was able to get in the tub before 6am.  Me? Not so much, but I was wide awake at this point so I washed him off and let him splash around for a few minutes while I tried to clean myself up.

apparently this is early morning fun

Then he decided to eat some breakfast.  Of course the moment I step away from the table, he grabs the open container of apple sauce and dumps it on his head.  It turns  out that he has learned that if he pulls hard enough on the tablecloth, he can get items to slide over to him without my knowledge.  So glad he has already learned this, leaving nothing safe on the table unless I park his high chair 3 miles away.  Then he decided to try to eat the little bit that was left on his tray and when I looked at him with my look of dismay, he started laughing and sprayed pretty much all of the extra applesauce into my face, along with a cereal bar and God knows what else.  Good times.

My husband had taken our older kids to the park during this fiasco so I decided I would just let the kid get yet another bath.   I let him finish making a mess and then pulled him out of the chair to prepare for bath #2 (it was not even 10:00).  I took him in the bathroom and started to take him out of his outfit.  He was so excited to see the tub again that he tried to climb in with his diaper on.  I’m used to this reaction so I tried to quickly remove it before he tumbled head first into the tub.

This turned out to be a mistake of epic proportions, however, because unbeknownst to mommy, my kid was in the middle of his morning poo and my hand became the recipient of most of it without any warning.  (Cut to me SCREAMING like a maniac at the nastiness occurring and freaking out because he was trying to get into the tub all poopy and no one was there to help me catch it or catch and clean him, etc.  You get the picture).

I got no such warning

Well, after I was able to wrangle him without getting poo on anything but the diaper and myself, I thoroughly washed my soiled hands like never before and started the water for bath #2.  Approximately 20 seconds after I started the water, I hear our front door open and my husband yell, “hey, we went to the grocery store first instead of the park. Can you come grab a few of the cold things so we can head over to the park now?”  I tried to yell back that it wasn’t a great time since I had just started the bath, but since the baby wasn’t actually in yet, my husband somehow convinced me to just let him come out to the living room with me while I grabbed the bags from him.  I knew this wasn’t a great plan, but I thought I was fast enough.  After all, it was only 3 bags with a few items in each.

Big mistake.  As soon as I opened the bathroom door to go get the groceries, my sweet boy ran over to a basket of (thankfully) dirty clothes, looked my direction, and proceeded to pee in it. Ew.  What is it with baby boys?  They seriously cannot be naked for longer than 30 seconds without peeing on something!  Well, at least it was into the basket that I had to wash anyway.  We just started the washing process a lot faster.  After I cleaned up that mess and glared at my husband who wisely left again with the older kids, I got him back into the tub where he had another grand old time.

I’m not going to lie, I was figuratively and literally “pooped” before lunch time!  This is scary because if he has moments like this before I start potty training, I have no idea what to expect when he is actually in the process!  He has already tried his best to break me down because that morning was SO DISGUSTING!  However, as a third-time mom, I am a seasoned vet at getting bodily fluids on me, so it’s going to take more than that to push me over the edge….though probably not much more because that morning was pretty hardcore.

So glad you could share it with me.

And, for the record, immediately after  I dressed him in outfit #2, he went over to the table where my daughter had left a bottle of water (apparently with the lid not closed tightly) and tried to drink it, resulting in Noah’s flood revisited and the need for yet another outfit….ALL BEFORE NOON!

Confession: I Really Should Be Cleaning, But…..

Who wants to deal with this when there are cute kids around?!

Right now I am watching my kids play…together…without fighting!  This is such a rare moment in time so I am sitting down, trying to take it all in!

My oldest son should be doing his homework, but how can I make him when he’s finally indulging the wishes of his little brother by playing football with him?!  The baby squeals with delight at the attention given to him and grabs the ball while taking off in the opposite direction of my 6-year-old.  He turns around to look over his shoulder as he runs, making sure that his big brother is still chasing him and laughs when he discovers that he is.  This occasionally causes my sweet, clumsy baby to run into the wall – he is his mother’s child after all – but he doesn’t seem to mind the bumps and bruises, even when he trips and almost pokes his eye out with his own finger.  And, surprisingly, my older son’s usual penchant for strictly adhering to his rules of “play” was nowhere to be seen, allowing him to laugh and have fun along with his little brother.

Meanwhile, my daughter is putting every dress-up outfit she owns on while she pretends to be cheering them on, but is really checking herself out in the mirror of her princess vanity while singing, “I’m a rock star, oh yeah”.  [It’s amazing the difference between girls and boys]  Wait!  She just realized that I was watching her and is now requesting a performance fee for the entertainment she is providing – “but, mom, I put on a great show!”.  Luckily she takes pretend checks, pennies and old gift cards as payment.

Apparently, we have reached half-time in the ball game with my older son announcing that he is winning by a score of 72-20.  This number seems a bit inflated but the baby doesn’t mind because he is able to console himself by eating some yogurt melts, dancing to the theme song from Zoboomafoo and dumping a bag of goldfish onto the floor.

Ok, now I really have no choice but to go and clean because I hear the sound of little feet smashing tiny, cheddar aquatic snacks into the grout on the floor, coupled with squeals of delight at the mess being made.  Sigh.  I wish every day could be this magical!

Baby Steps

Over the past few months, I have watched my little baby go from crawling to walking (well, it looks more like a drunken stumble most of the time, but he’s almost there).  Watching his progression makes me think of how my life has also progressed in stages.

I have hard days where I stumble, falling flat on my face.

man down

But, it’s the low points in life that provide character and make us who we are.  Sometimes in the rough patches I forget this.  So, I’m trying to learn a lesson from my baby – when you fall, you brush yourself off and keep going.  Pretty soon you’re back on your feet, ready to hit the ground running again.

learning to take baby steps

The important part is to keep smiling through the bumps and bruises of life (and the face full of dirt).

ready to try again

Just one more thing my kids are teaching me! 🙂