Fun Friday – Field Trips!

I have been on two field trips in the last week; one with Big Brother to a local nursery because he has been learning about plants, and one with The Princess to our local natural habitat zoo because she has been learning about animals.

I tried to snap a few pictures of the kids and their friends learning in the fun settings, but I also let them take charge of the camera at times so that they could practice their photography skills.  They were both very proud of their photos so I thought I would share some. 🙂

First, Tallahassee Nurseries with 3rd graders:


the beautiful gazebo with wind chimes


getting beans to plant


a banana plant in full bloom


someone found a cicada skeleton


the dragon in the pond


pollinating bees


gigantic sword beans (they were over a foot long)


class portrait

And now, the Tallahassee Museum with 1st graders:


black bear going for a swim


Florida panther hanging out in a tree




wild turkeys


vultures – yuck


bald eagle


finally brave enough to touch a snake


watching turtles “running” over to eat




that’s my girl in the front row with a disgusted look on her face…she was not that excited about being so close to a baby alligator


here’s a shot of my girl (in pig tails) waiting for the hand sanitizer…she touched the alligator so quickly, the camera missed it.


class shot


Wordless Wednesday – Just Another Day In The Life Of A Mom (Caution – Gross Picture)

it's really dangerous to play invisible end up in the E.R. with a hole in your face....

it’s really dangerous to play invisible football….somehow you end up in the E.R. with a hole in your face….

Happy Birthday Old Man

Today my oldest turned 8.  It hardly seems like it has been that long, but here we are.   He changed my world when he entered my life and there has never been a dull moment since.  Happy Birthday, Kiddo.  Thanks for letting me be your Mom.  I love you.

baby mikey

the bib says it all


self-portrait taken last week

Embarrassing Kid Moment #247,023

child commentsThe following event occurred yesterday morning whilst I was in the store grabbing a pack of diapers for Big Trouble (who is obviously still determined to break me in the potty training department since we were getting yet another pack of diapers, not underwear).

The Setting:

Big Trouble was being quite the little gentleman and this trip to the store had me beaming at the people passing by as I showed off how well my little boy was behaving.  Yep; pat on the back for being an awesome mom;  isn’t he just the cutest little thing?!  I made him.

The Incident:

Then he opened his mouth and SHOUTED a question that no one ever wants to be asked loudly in public:  “MOM, DO YOU NEED TO POOP IN THE POTTY?”

Shh!  No honey, Mommy’s just fine right now, thank you.

He wasn’t satisfied so there was a follow-up question:  “NEED TO PEE-PEE?”  (people are now staring and snickering)

No baby, Mommy already went to the potty.  Do you need to go?


Good Lord, NO!  There are no bodily functions going on right now so please stop shouting!


Oh my Lord, please just come with me to the self-checkout so I don’t have to face a real cashier!…..

End of Scene.

Needless to say, I was quite embarrassed by this happy outburst.  I assume it was payback for my constant barrage of questions concerning his potty training process and lack of progress, but who can say?

I know I can’t be the only one with crazy kids who say things like this, right?!

Turns out, I’m not.  So, here’s a few more fun things that other kids have said!  I would love to hear your stories, too!  Misery loves company! 🙂

Fun Friday: Personality Doppelgangers

DopplegangerDefinition2_FixedI saw the idea of a personality doppelganger on another blog and I thought it was a cute idea (please forgive me for not knowing the exact name of the blog because I found it by accident and when I tried to get the link, I couldn’t find it again for the life of me!).  The basic concept is to think of a celebrity (or well-known character) whose personality reminds you of your kid(s).  I like the idea of comparing personalities vs. looks because I believe that personality is so much more telling of who a person is!

So, here’s what I came up with for how my precious little ones have developed so far. 🙂

First up: Big Brother.  DSCN3450I have been told several times that because he has a very sophisticated vocabulary for his age and loves learning, he reminds people of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory.  Now, he’s no Einstein, but I totally get the comparison, especially since he loves to point out when I am being sarcastic (though I’d like to think my boy’s social skills are on a much higher level than Sheldon’s).


Next, The Princess.  DSCN3545Now, you might think that I would compare her to a princess since that’s how I refer to her, but my sweet girl reminds me WAY too much of my little sister (which is scary) who was actually named after the Chipette “Brittany” from the original Alvin and the Chipmunks.  She’s definitely sassy and not one to back down easily.brittchip

And, finally, we have Big Trouble.  DSCN2998My original thought was to post a picture of the Tasmanian Devil from Looney Toons because he is just a mess; but lately, he has been acting more like the Dog from Up.  I find myself saying “focus” a lot these days because he will be talking about something and then stop suddenly and notice something else exciting…and then something else…and something else, etc.  Every time he does this, I immediately want to shout out “SQUIRREL”.upSo, here you have my approximation of my children’s personality doppelgangers.

Does anyone else ever have these kinds of comparisons with their kids? 🙂

We’ve Mastered Another Skill…Just Not The One I Was Hoping For

Today, Big Trouble started drinking from a straw.  I’ll hold for applause.



Now, this may not seem like that big of a deal, but seeing as though he gets soaked every time he tries to drink out of a regular cup, it really is!  The kid can literally take a dime-sized amount of water and make it look like he just survived a flash flood.

But now, thanks to this new development, we can start using the “big kid” cups with lids and straws instead of sippy cups or the “ok, guess we’ll go get a bath now” cups!  I’ll admit that it was torture so fun making weird faces and trying to give him samples of how to sip from a straw, only to have him just make noises and/or accidentally blow spit bubbles and laugh.

Mind you, this has gone on for nearly a year.  The kid has no interest in my time frame for ANYTHING.  I’m just now starting to get that (can’t imagine where he gets his stubbornness from).  But, I keep trying like the idiot that I am because I that’s my job.  And, nothing makes me feel like a bigger success than finally seeing one of my kids master something they have been trying to do; even if it is as insignificant a milestone as drinking from a straw.

The moment I saw my troublemaker give me a huge victory smile, thus drooling out most of the liquid he had just learned to sip up, I held my head high, looked to the sky and thought, “yeah, I taught him that” (not the drooling part, just to clarify; the actual sipping from a straw).  I am a success and so is my boy!

Then I turned back to look at my precious little one who was making me so proud…and I see this:

"Wook at my hat, mom"

“Wook at my hat, mom”

Yep.  That’s the inside of his consistently unused potty seat sitting there, upside down on his head.  I did not teach him that.  Guess we still have a little work left to do on some of our skills….sigh.

School’s Back In Session!!!

That’s right; the day has finally come: the 1st day of school FOR ALL 3 KIDS!!!!  Granted, the little one is only going 3 mornings a week, but since I have had him solely with me since birth, this is HUGE NEWS!  HUGE!!!bus

I’m pretty sure the kids were sick of seeing me basically all day, every day, and I can attest to the fact that I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown after this Summer.

We woke up super-early this morning with squeals of delight from the kids, which quickly turned into complaints because we didn’t have to leave for another hour after they were finished eating breakfast and getting dressed.  (I guess I should be happy that the complaints weren’t about having to go to school.)  We took the obligatory pictures, Big Trouble tripped and split his lip open (yep, that’s how we all like to start off the school year, right?), and then finally things quieted down, the minutes went by and we got in the car to head to school.


Is it time for school yet?!

We walked in together as a family but had to split up because Big Brother’s class is in another building across the courtyard.  Daddy took the Princess to wait outside of her 1st grade classroom and I took B.B. (dragging Big Trouble along with us).  As usual, Mr. Independent, could have cared less whether I stayed to wait with him but he indulged me with some small talk about which classes he was looking forward to.

Big Brother - ready for 3rd grade

Big Brother – ready for 3rd grade

As the teachers opened the doors to the buildings, I gave him a quick kiss and he disappeared into the sea of children heading to 3rd grade.  Meanwhile, Big Trouble began to throw a magnificent fit while screaming, “I go in too!!!”  I’m pretty sure Big Brother pretended that he didn’t know us after that point.

When B.T. finally finished throwing himself on the ground, he hopped up as though nothing had happened and we headed off to give Princess a hug.

posing like a true princess

posing like a true princess

When we got inside, she was busy coloring and filling out a worksheet.  She glanced in my direction, smiled and said she was coloring, and then continued on as though she, too, could not be bothered by my presence.  So, I gave her a kiss and continued on my way.  2 down; 1 to go.

Daddy then headed to work while Big Trouble and I made a quick trip to Target for a large coffee for Mommy and a 1st day of school prize for him (in reality we just needed to kill about 30 minutes before we headed over to the preschool and I was trying to test his behavior a little – he rewarded me by lying on the ground as I ordered my coffee and refusing to budge.  I was ok with that as he wasn’t trying to escape and quickly started behaving as he saw the pile of big school buses for sale in the $1 section – I thought those were pretty appropriate for the first day of school).

When we finally arrived at the preschool, I handed B.T. his bag and we walked down the sidewalk.  As we reached the front door, he realized where he was, dropped his bag at this feet and attempted to take off into a classroom.  Luckily, I was prepared for that reaction, so I caught him, grabbed the bag and pointed him in the right direction.

Big Trouble ready for preschool!

Big Trouble ready for preschool!

The 2-year-old rooms are down a long hallway and he started to walk tentatively down the path (which is rare for him) but as soon as he saw the big train table and all of the other toys, he took off again, never to look back.

traveling down the hallway (you can tell he is going slow here because he is not a blur in the picture)

traveling down the hallway (you can tell he is going slow here because he is not a blur in the picture)

did someone say trains?

did someone say trains?

I talked to his teachers for a minute and watched as the other children came in.  He is definitely the biggest kid in the class, but hopefully that won’t be an issue for him.  It’s so funny to even type that as I had the opposite feelings about my older two (Big Brother is average size height, but on the shorter side in his particular class because he is the youngest and Princess is always the smallest, just like her mama).

one last picture from afar

one last picture from afar

As my luck would have it, Big Trouble didn’t need me either and didn’t even notice as I shouted goodbye and headed out the door.  Part of me wishes that at least one of my kids would miss me a little more, but most of me is VERY glad that none of mine are clingers because I did get a glimpse of a few this morning and it’s definitely harder to have that on the first day of school!

So, now, here I am at home, writing this blog without a sound in the house.  It’s a very odd feeling.  A teeny-tiny part of me feels like something is missing, but the majority of my whole being is THRILLED to have a moment of silence.  I only have 2 1/2 hours today and I am NOT going to use it to clean or run errands.  I am soaking it all in and reminiscing about my baby days, which are clearly gone.  On Wednesday, I intend to put on gloves and start scrubbing like I never could before while there were kids around; but for today, I am just a tired woman taking a chance to catch her breath after 8 years of running.  WHEW!! 🙂