Fun Friday – Field Trips!

I have been on two field trips in the last week; one with Big Brother to a local nursery because he has been learning about plants, and one with The Princess to our local natural habitat zoo because she has been learning about animals.

I tried to snap a few pictures of the kids and their friends learning in the fun settings, but I also let them take charge of the camera at times so that they could practice their photography skills. ¬†They were both very proud of their photos so I thought I would share some. ūüôā

First, Tallahassee Nurseries with 3rd graders:


the beautiful gazebo with wind chimes


getting beans to plant


a banana plant in full bloom


someone found a cicada skeleton


the dragon in the pond


pollinating bees


gigantic sword beans (they were over a foot long)


class portrait

And now, the Tallahassee Museum with 1st graders:


black bear going for a swim


Florida panther hanging out in a tree




wild turkeys


vultures – yuck


bald eagle


finally brave enough to touch a snake


watching turtles “running” over to eat




that’s my girl in the front row with a disgusted look on her face…she was not that excited about being so close to a baby alligator


here’s a shot of my girl (in pig tails) waiting for the hand sanitizer…she touched the alligator so quickly, the camera missed it.


class shot

Fun Friday: Personality Doppelgangers

DopplegangerDefinition2_FixedI saw the idea of a personality doppelganger on another blog and I thought it was a cute idea¬†(please forgive me for not knowing the exact name of the blog because I found it by accident and when I tried to get the link, I couldn’t find it again for the life of me!). ¬†The basic concept is to think of a celebrity (or well-known character) whose personality reminds you of your kid(s). ¬†I like the idea of comparing personalities vs. looks because I believe that personality is so much more telling of who a person is!

So, here’s what I came up with for how my precious little ones have developed so far. ūüôā

First up: Big Brother. ¬†DSCN3450I have been told several times that because he has a very sophisticated vocabulary for his age and loves learning, he reminds people of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory. ¬†Now, he’s no Einstein, but I totally get the comparison, especially since he loves to point out when I am being sarcastic (though I’d like to think my boy’s social skills are on a much higher level than Sheldon’s).


Next, The Princess. ¬†DSCN3545Now, you might think that I would compare her to a princess since that’s how I refer to her, but my sweet girl reminds me WAY too much of my little sister (which is scary) who was actually named after the Chipette “Brittany” from the original Alvin and the Chipmunks. ¬†She’s definitely sassy and not one to back down easily.brittchip

And, finally, we have Big Trouble. ¬†DSCN2998My original thought was to post a picture of the Tasmanian Devil from Looney Toons because he is just a mess; but lately, he has been acting more like the Dog from Up. ¬†I find myself saying “focus” a lot these days because he will be talking about something and then stop suddenly and notice something else exciting…and then something else…and something else, etc. ¬†Every time he does this, I immediately want to shout out “SQUIRREL”.upSo, here you have my approximation of my children’s personality doppelgangers.

Does anyone else ever have these kinds of comparisons with their kids? ūüôā

Fun Friday – Crayon and Sandpaper Iron-On Transfers

I am notoriously bad at crafts.  I think Pinterest is the devil because my crafts NEVER turn out the way they should, regardless of how easy someone claims the project is.  As such, I have just about given up trying homemade things lately.pinterest 2

However, I discovered a website (The Crafty Collaborative) that features several daring women who try out various crafts and recipes and then let you know the honest scoop on how “easy” they really are! ¬†You get pros and cons from multiple ladies who are testing out the same craft so you know if it really is something worth trying! ¬†I appreciate this on so many levels!

Their most recent art project was making a homemade iron-on design using only sandpaper and crayons!  This looked like a legitimate project to me and the ladies all testified that it was, so my kids and I sat down to attempt it too.

*To try this yourself, you will need the following items:

  • Crayons (old crayons would work great because they will get worn down on the sandpaper)
  • Sandpaper
  • An Iron
  • Paper Towels
  • A plain t-shirt, tote bag, pillowcase, etc. that you can put a decal on

I love that the materials for this project are all things that you probably have just lying around the house!  Cheap and easy? YES, PLEASE!

The kids sat down and colored a design on their individual sheets of sandpaper (we used the thin grit so it was easier to color on).

I forgot to take a picture of their pictures before I ironed, but you can see how well the sandpaper held on the colors even after transferring

I forgot to take a picture of their pictures before I ironed, but you can see how well the sandpaper held on the colors even after transferring

When they were finished, I flipped the paper over, lined it up on an old white t-shirt, and ironed it on.  It only took about 5 seconds to get the picture on the t-shirt!  Then, I put a paper towel over the t-shirt picture and ironed a few times to get the excess wax off.

A specially designed t-shirt in just 5 seconds!

A specially designed t-shirt in just 5 seconds!

Voila; new art shirts for school (we purposely tested this out on daddy’s old t-shirts because they would be used for messy art projects anyway and I was still a little skeptical of the outcome, given my history of crafting).

showing off their shirts

showing off their shirts

You do have to push down on the crayons a little harder than usual to make sure that the picture is really bright on the sandpaper or the picture will be faint (notice that my son’s shirt is not nearly as bright in certain spots because he didn’t color as hard).

And, if you want to put any words or numbers in the picture, you have to remember to write them backwards on the paper or they will show up backwards on the shirt.  My son forgot that rule and had to adjust his picture accordingly (BUT MOM, HOW DO YOU DRAW A FOOTBALL PLAYER WITHOUT THEIR NAME AND JERSEY NUMBER?! Рa question that should have been asked before he started drawing seeing as though I only had 2 pieces of sandpaper at that time), which is why his looks a little wonky Рhe tried to turn the numbers/letters he drew into helmets on a football field, but he gets his artistic ability from his mama so it is what it is.

The whole point of my rambling is that the project was SO simple and required very little preparation, no specialty tools, little to no money, and very little work on my part – HOORAY! ¬†pinterest 1It is definitely something that I would recommend trying with your kids the next time they get “bored” or if you need a cute gift for a grandparent or family member.

Thanks The Crafty Collaborative for reviewing this fun idea so that I was brave enough to try it myself!

Friday Blog Party – Part 3

happy-fridayWell, once again it’s time for a Blog Party with Atlanta Mom of Three!

To join in the party, all you have to do is choose one of your blog posts from this week, introduce it in the comments section, and share the link to it. It can be the one that you put the most thought into, the one that received the most responses, the one that needs some responses ;) , the funniest one, etc. You choose!

Since I have been a little MIA this week, I’m just going to share a link that gives you an indication as to what my week has been like! ¬†Enjoy!

Can’t wait to read your new blog posts!

5 Things My Big Kids Learned This Week

My kids have made some interesting discoveries this week so I thought I would share them with you.

1. If you put blue cleaner in the toilet, you can pee on it and make it green because yellow and blue make green.  So much fun.

2. ¬†If you don’t jiggle the toilet handle when it randomly gets stuck and mom has added the blue cleaner, it will make a large pile of bubbles in the toilet. ¬†This means you have to scream and yell, “EMERGENCY” so mom thinks the toilet is overflowing, even though it isn’t. ¬†Then you can take turns peeing on the bubbles until they go away – YOU CANNOT FLUSH THE TOILET UNTIL THE BUBBLES ARE GONE. ¬†(I’m really surprised that this did not motivate Big Trouble to become potty training since he is obsessed with bubbles).

3. Their little brother thinks his poo is fruit snacks.

4. If you pour powder on little brother while he is getting his diaper changed, he will say, “AAAAHHH” and then thank you profusely. ¬†They find this hilarious.

5. Dinosaurs are related to chickens.  Who knew?

I’m sure hopeful that they have learned more important things this week, but this is what they chose to remember with excitement. ¬†Maybe next week’s fun facts won’t include toilets or poo. ¬†Or maybe they will discover even more exciting/disgusting things. ¬†That’s what’s fun about kids – you never know what will come out of them!