The Wiggles (Yes, I Can Point My Fingers And Do The Twist)

beauty mate

beauty mate

had to also include greg too, because even though he got sick before big trouble was born, my kids remember him.

had to also include Greg too, because even though he got sick before Big Trouble was born, my big kids remember him and we still watch old episodes.

Ok, the title of this post either made you smile or made you cringe.  I know the feeling.  Right now, The Wiggles are Big Trouble’s obsession.  Do they sometimes get annoying?  Yes.  Could it be worse?  ABSOLUTELY (see his previous use of torturous kids shows)!!!!  So I’m not going to complain.

I actually catch myself singing along and dancing like an idiot with them without even realizing it and Big Trouble laughs like the combination of his crazy mother and 4 Australian guys and their pals are the best thing ever.  That works for me.  (sidenote:  I haven’t seen much of the new Wiggles, which includes a girl but I’m pretty sure I will still prefer old school Wiggles – I think I like to see guys making fools of themselves for kids more, but I’ll reserve judgment)

Big brother dancing at a Wiggles concert in 2008

Big brother dancing at a Wiggles concert in 2008 (yes, we went to Wiggles Live!)

I am woman mom enough to suck it up and let him enjoy the Wiggles, even going so far as to continuously put the same On Demand episode on repeat and check out dvds from the library so he always has some available.  (another sidenote:  young Anthony was not nearly as handsome as old Anthony – he aged really well!  Now you know how pathetic my life has become because I am commenting on the attractiveness of a Wiggle….hanging head in shame.)

I think of all of the shows out these days, I can tolerate the Wiggles the best (at least on repeat) so I am kind of grateful that he hasn’t latched onto other, more annoying shows.  But, I know there are others who detest The Wiggles like I detest Caillou.

So, what are your favorite kids’ shows (any other Wiggles lovers out there)? And which ones make you want to stab yourself in the eyes with a fork (uh, hello there, Caillou)? 🙂

23 thoughts on “The Wiggles (Yes, I Can Point My Fingers And Do The Twist)

  1. my boys love love love the wiggles. I don’t mind them. I have seen a few of the new ones with the girl, and I have to admit it’s a little odd when they do some of the original wiggles songs. But not bad. Caillou doesn’t play in my house. Even though Alex loves him. I refuse to let him watch it. I can’t stand listening to that kid, I can feel myself going crazy when I hear his voice.

    • I am so glad my older ones have abandoned Caillou and Big Trouble forgot about him now that the wiggles are involved so I think the coast is finally clear for us too! (I have purposely been avoiding the Caillou times on Sprout and PBS – haha). I think we like the Wiggles because they sing so much and I grew up in a musical family so my kids always like stuff with music more than shows without. I still can’t get used to the girl Wiggle though. How ironic for a woman to say! 🙂

      • Yes. And Ruby is fairly obnoxious too! My son would start doing the one word demand thing like Max. If a show starts influencing bratty behavior and doesn’t really teach anything? Yep, banned. Caillou isn’t officially banned, but mine don’t ask for it, so we don’t watch it.

        I have a soft spot for Sophia the First because Tim Gunn voices one of the characters. I have a weird fan girl crush on Tim Gunn…

      • So true! I often wonder what makes networks pick up shows like that. Caillou is the same way with his behavior, yet it has been on the air for YEARS! I don’t get it!

        That’s so funny about Sophia. I too love that they chose Tim Gunn. He is perfect for Baileywick! And because they have the princes and boys included in most of the episodes, even my 7 year old son will watch it (while pretending it’s too girly and babyish) 🙂

  2. My son was a Wiggles fan. Liked Elmo for awhile and the sound of that voice made my neck tense up. All time hated was the Power Rangers. Now that he has matured, we can tune into Spongebob which I find hilarious 🙂

    • Other than Elmo’s Potty Time, my kids never really got into Elmo either, thank GOD! Though I kind of miss Sesame Street because it was such a staple when I was growing up. I like Spongebob too but my older son doesn’t for some reason. We’re trying to find some “older” shows on Nickelodeon (which is where Spongebob was supposed to come in) and Disney but he’s in that weird in between age where some are appropriate but others aren’t so I have to watch carefully before I have to start explaining things! haha!

  3. Ah the wiggles!! Possibly Australia’s greatest export!! I too can sing every song word for word and love them! Plus I’ve got a soft spot for Anthony too. You said you’ve seen them live so you know how fit he is! And I think he is the only original still in the shows and he’d be in his late forties/early fifties.
    We have moved onto Hi-5 here now. Another great Australian kids entertainment ensemble. Much more active and bright (and a tad younger people too!)

    • You know, we saw a few episodes of Hi-5 a few years ago but then they were never played again (to my knowledge). I remember liking them too so I wonder what happened? I will have to look into that. Thanks for reminding me of them!

      As for Anthony, seriously, he is ripped! I would say I have no idea how he does it, but when we saw them live, I must admit that I was AMAZED by everyone in the show because it was over an hour NON-STOP and they were fantastic and never missed a beat! The kids had a blast dancing along with them but I was wiped just by watching the show! haha!

  4. I have heard the Wiggles on CD with my kids, but haven’t gotten into the DVDs or shows, but I may have to check out this Anthony dude! We watch a lot of Thomas the Tank Engine and right now my daughter is super into The Magic Schoolbus.

    • I always liked the Magic School Bus growing up! I’m glad it’s still popular(ish) like School House Rock 🙂

      My little one likes Thomas too but won’t sit still for entire episode because he likes musical things (thus the Wiggles) so we usually only watch the beginning song and the end! haha!

  5. I cracked up when you commented on the attractiveness of a Wiggle! That is hilarious! I can’t actually remember who is who because I only caught a few episodes. The older kids watched that from time to time when they were younger but now that we only have Netflix Cesar has not been introduced to them. He watched this one show on Netflix called Eebee Baby (or something like that) and Dora. He watched them over and over and over until yes, I would be doing dishes and singing the Eebee Baby song. Just recently they pulled both shows on Netflix and he is pretty devastated! I’m not!

    • don’t you hate when they pull the kids’ shows (though obviously not from the “this mom might lose it if I see one more episode!” standpoint)?! We had that happen to some of the fun shows on Nickelodeon and Disney because they got the “jr” channels but you have to pay extra to get those channels added so we had to find other stuff.

      As for the attractiveness thing of a certain blue wiggle, it kind of makes me feel like a perv, but I really only noticed in comparison to what he looked like when he started and the progression is AMAZING! 🙂

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