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Melissa of the spectacular Motherhood Is An Art tagged me in one of her posts which shares more fun information about her.  I love a good game of tag so here are my answers to the same questions!

Five Things I Have a Passion for:

1. Fun music from all genres

2. Helping others, especially children

3. Being a mom

4. Finding good deals (on clothes, food, supplies, adventures, etc.)

5. M&Ms

Five Things I Would Like To Do Before I Kick the Bucket:

1. Pay off my student loans (or perhaps it would be better if I didn’t because then they would be forgiven and my husband could save some A LOT of money?)

2. Get an entire night’s worth of sleep in one night instead of over a period of one week.

3. Be the voice of a Disney cartoon character.

4. Renew my wedding vows at the wedding chapel at the Grand Floridian hotel (or a drive-thru in Vegas – either choice will do).

5. Work for a charitable organization and feel like I have made an impact.

Five Things I Say A Lot:

1. Are you kidding me?! (this is usually to the kids, but occasionally to others who make my head hurt)

2. Just zip it PLEASE so I can talk to your dad for 2 seconds! (I never get to have an actual, full conversation with my husband – for an idea of what it is like, check out this post by mamamillerparenting)

3. For the love of God and all that’s holy, please stop saying poop. (this is the new word of choice in our house and it is apparently hilarious until someone else says it back to you and then World War III breaks out)

4. Good thing you are cute.  (I say this to my children when they are driving me nuts)

5. Mommy’s fixin’ to lose it, y’all!  (when I am close to my breaking point, I get really Southern and it comes out of nowhere)

Five Things I Read Recently:

1. Divergent – I am guilty of reading the latest YA books simply because I like to compare them to the movies that always accompany them.

2. Dry Grass of August – My favorite genre is anything written about the Civil Rights era in the South and I found this while looking for books similar to The Help (it’s really not that much like the Help, but it fits the genre).

3. The Host – I read all of the Twilight books so I figured why not try the next book by Stephanie Meyer?  It was pretty good, although a little long; the movie was not.

4. The Casual Vacancy – I read all of the Harry Potter books so thought I would try J.K. Rowling’s first adult book out too.  It was just odd.  I miss Harry.

5. Entertainment Weekly – This is how I keep up with all of the “entertainment” pop culture that I wish I wasn’t so interested in.  It is cheaper than subscribing to People.

Five Favorite Movies:

1. The Goonies – I fell in love with Sean Astin in 1985 and call my oldest son Mikey after his character in this movie.  Classic.

2. Singing In The Rain – I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Gene Kelly and obviously this is his greatest masterpiece (even though the critics think An American In Paris is – they are wrong).

3. Friday – I can’t explain my love for this one at all but I find it hilarious.

4. Gone With The Wind – Hey, I’m Southern.  It’s sacrilegious if I don’t include this one.

5. Dodgeball/Anchorman – These two tie because they are more recent comedies that I can watch repeatedly and quote repeatedly and they never get old to me.  That doesn’t happen often these days!

Five Places I Would Love to Travel:

1. Ireland  – I am of Irish descent (also English, Scottish, German and a tiny part Creek Indian, just for reference) and I have always identified most with this part of my heritage.  It’s the one place outside of the US that I could actually see myself living.

2. Hong Kong – I need to visit Hong Kong Disneyland to complete my tour of all of the world’s disney theme parks….not to mention all of the cool historical things there too.

3. Africa – I would love to go on Safari to see all of the animals in their natural habitat.

4. The rainforests of South America (or Hawaii – I’m not picky)

5. Haiti – I focused an extensive paper in law school on the need for more US help in Haiti and with the refugees from Haiti (and this was pre-earthquake Haiti so they need it even more now) and it really made me want to visit the country, especially if I could do something to help.

Five Bloggers I’m Tagging For This Thing:

1. Atlanta Mom of Three

2. When The Kids Go To Bed

3. Magnolia Blossom

4. Mommy Training Wheels

5. Mama Miller Parenting

Can’t wait to read the other answers!

Courtney 🙂


18 thoughts on “Tag, You’re It

    • definitely not the only one. Whenever I am talking to someone without the kids around (happens about twice a year) I sometimes find myself forgetting how to speak because I’m not used to being able to get it all out in one coherent sentence!

  1. Wow! I’m so glad I tagged you! I learned a lot of cool and funny stuff about you! First of all, the fact that you named your son after a Goonies’ character is hilarious! It has never crossed my mind to be a voice of a Disney character but now that you mention it; that would be pretty cool! My husband and I have been talking that we may go to Vegas next year to renew our vows at one of those cheesy chapels! Was the Dry Grass of August a good book? And lastly, it cracks me up that you love Friday! I also love that movie!!

    • to be fair, I lucked into the name Michael because he’s actual named after my husband father who passed away when he was a teenager, but there was no way I was passing up the opportunity to have a Mikey if his name was Michael! 🙂 I always joke about people getting married at the chapels so I thought it would be funny to go through a drive thru and renew our vows (I won’t go in, just a drive thru because that makes it even more ridiculous). The book was pretty good (not fantastic, but definitely readable), though it does take a dark turn. So funny that you love Friday too! It’s so not what I would ordinarily be into but I love Chris Tucker and for some reason I find it hysterical. My hubby doesn’t share my love as much but he still laughs at my impersonations of each character which have gotten pretty spot on over the years 🙂

  2. Hi,
    What a lovely idea this tagging is!
    I am fairly new in the blogging word but this is a sweet idea!
    I take your post as a “sign”. I want to go to Ireland so badly! (That I would take anything as a sign…HAHA)
    The Casual Vacancy was odd in what way?
    That does it! I am watching the Anchorman tonight because I haven’t seen it and I heard that the second part is hilarious with Steve Carell in it (if I am not mistaken).


    • Hi! I have actually been to Ireland once 13 years ago but I would give anything to go again. It’s AMAZING and the people are so welcoming and friendly so you feel like you’re home.

      I thought the Casual Vacancy just had way too many main characters and details to keep up with (and you know she knows how to write a story well because of the Harry Potter series so not sure what happened here) and ended abruptly. I get the point she was making but it took so long to get to it that it was annoying to me. Plus, I feel like she was trying too hard to prove that it wasn’t a kid book (which is probably why a lot of the unnecessary details were included). But, maybe it’s just me?

      Anchorman is a must. It’s so ridiculously stupid that it’s the best movie to quote from. I’m so excited about the sequel! 🙂 Steve Carrell is in the first one too but the whole ensemble is great together.

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