Fun At The Jelly Belly Factory


by the official Jelly Belly van

While we were in the San Francisco area a few weeks ago, we decided to take the kids for a tour of the Jelly Belly factory.  Now, I must confess that I am not a huge fan of jelly beans in general.  I find the consistency kind of gross and the flavors usually remind me of cough syrup and for those reasons I tend to steer clear of them.  However, sampling all of the flavors at the Jelly Belly factory has changed my mind!

entering the factory/store

entering the factory/store

We got there right when it opened and only had to wait in line a few minute before our tour began.

Ready for the tour

Ready for the tour

They offered us all little hats to wear and even Big Trouble kept his on most of the time (except for when we took a family picture with the giant jelly bean, naturally).

He couldn't be bothered with his hat during the photo op

He couldn’t be bothered with his hat during the photo-op

We got to see each stage of the jelly bean making process (sadly, couldn’t take pictures) and taste a new flavor of jelly beans at each little stop.  The first we tasted was cantaloupe and it tasted EXACTLY like cantaloupe!  I was floored at how accurate the flavor was!  We also got to taste plum and marshmallow, as well as 3 more flavors of our choice.  I have to say, they were all pretty tasty, but my favorite was the buttered popcorn!  YUMMY!

Of course, they mentioned that not all of their flavor attempts turn out, but they save these anyway and rename them nasty names and sell them for “fun” (I’m guessing this was inspired by the Harry Potter ‘every flavor beans’ but you know they won’t admit that).  I was not up for trying any gross flavors, but Big Trouble will eat just about anything so he got to try booger, pencil shavings and moldy cheese!  He did not spit them out.  (insert a semi-guilty mom-conscience for allowing him to be the guinea pig for nasty jelly beans, but it was pretty funny)

check out some of the reject flavors

check out some of the reject flavors

Along the way, we also saw some of the cool jelly bean mosaics that have been created over time as the Jelly Belly corporation grew.

hall of presidents

hall of presidents

Ronald Reagan - champion of jelly beans

with Ronald Reagan – champion of jelly beans

We also got to sample some spectacular fudge (who knew they made that too?) and we each received a sampler bag of their most popular flavors, which we shared with other family members.  Might I mention that this entire ordeal was completely FREE?!  Yes, you read that right; it was totally free!

what a great trip!

one more fun shot before we left

I have officially been converted to a fan of Jelly Belly’s and I foresee me purchasing some more of those buttered popcorn jelly beans in the very near future! I will steer clear of the moldy cheese and booger flavored ones though. 🙂


22 thoughts on “Fun At The Jelly Belly Factory

  1. What fun!! I love the sour apple and the pear. We bought Harry Pottery JBs as a gag gift for a party we went to. We had so much fun daring each other to try them. It was more fun putting them out in a bowl first and not telling anyone. bwah-ha-ha.

  2. Lol I love almost every flavor except for buttered popcorn. That one makes me want to hurl. I actually made a barf face when I read it was your favorite. Actually, you are the first person I have heard of who likes that flavor at all Haha.

    • I have always been weird in my tastes 🙂 I really don’t like jelly beans so I was surprised that anything tasted good to me. maybe my judgment was skewed since my expectations were so low! haha!

  3. I absolutely LOVE the buttered popcorn flavor!! I could eat a whole bag of just that one flavor and be happy. lol

  4. This is great! We have a Jelly Belly factory not too far away from our house and want to go on it. It IS quite amazing that it’s free, but I suppose that this just guilt-trips everyone into buying some Jelly Bellys at the store. I’m not a huge fan, but will eat them.

    • We didn’t buy anything but a postcard because between all of the free samples and the sampler bag they give you at the end of the tour, we were pretty set 🙂 They had a really cool cafe though that had jelly bean shaped pizzas and sandwiches that would have been fun to eat at if we had gone a little later in the day. There;s always a lot of people so they will never notice if you don’t buy anything – haha!

  5. Oh my goodness! Those funky flavors are absolutely the best! I wouldn’t be all that surprised if my kids would want these! We have a Jelly Belly factory somewhere in Wisconsin! I never even considered going before….now I have to go check it out!

  6. Very cool! I despise the butter popcorn jb btw. It leaves me with such a horrible after taste. I love the Easter bags of jbs though. They have just the perfect normal fruit flavors. Yum!

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