We Are Back And Just In Time To Remember Why We Put Potty Training On Hold

Well, we survived our trip out West.  I must admit that Big Trouble, while still active and randomly crazy, was pretty good on all four flights we had to make, despite the crazy times we were flying.  It was not easy by any stretch of the imagination, but it could have been MUCH worse.

I should have some pictures up later this week showing off a few of our adventures, but until then, here’s an update on our return to potty training.

When we last left you, things weren’t going so well with Big Trouble and his dependance on diapers.  I started seriously trying with him in January.  It was pretty difficult because of the fact that every day we had to leave to do drop-off and pick up for my big kids so I couldn’t just stay home for a few days while he went naked or in big underwear (thanks a lot for that “tip” educational potty books – who has time for that?!).  I kept trying here and there, but 2 months later and still no real interest.

So, as any other good (tired) mother would do, I called it quits until we returned from our trip to San Francisco.  Let’s face it; Big Trouble is trouble enough without having to deal with taking him to the bathroom every 20 minutes on a plane and then in strange places we have never been before.  I just couldn’t go there.

But, now here we are, back at home and I no longer have any excuses.  The kids are home with me full time until school starts again so I can actually stay home a few days in a row to try things out again.  I am ready!potty

But, as usual, Big Trouble has other ideas.  He has now developed a fear of the large potty.  “I scared” is his mantra any time he ventures toward the bathroom.  Lovely.  So, I pulled the little Cars potty back out of storage and convinced him not to immediately take it apart, and while he was very encouraging to the rest of the family regarding our use of the potty, I couldn’t convince him to sit on it anymore!  Fantastic.

watching other kids relaxing on the toilet has to be motivating, right?

watching other kids relaxing on the toilet has to be motivating, right?

Back to the library I headed and re-checked out the original potty dvds along with a new one about being a potty pirate.  He was intrigued this time (although it took me actually sitting my big butt on his potty for him to get back on).  He was excited about being a potty pirate and actually sat on his potty for almost an hour with a drink in hand, watching all of the excited children sing about bodily functions and being big kids.  I offered him an m&m as encouragement.  NOTHING HAPPENED!!!

Finally back on the potty and being a potty pirate (at least in his heart)

Finally back on the potty and being a potty pirate (at least in his heart)

He finally stood up; I was frustrated so I let him put his diaper back on since it was only day 1, and we headed back to join the rest of the family.  Within 1 minute of the diaper going back on, he peed (while chanting “no more diapers for me” from the pirate dvd – oh the horrific irony).  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  It’s like he’s doing this on purpose to drive me nuts!

So, once again, I am going to need some kind thoughts and prayers sent my way as I travel down this road AGAIN with Big Trouble.  He is clearly going to live up to his name in this endeavor, too.  I may even give him a promotion to Major Trouble.

20 thoughts on “We Are Back And Just In Time To Remember Why We Put Potty Training On Hold

  1. Dying of laughter here (mainly because I’m right there with you)! But seriously the potty pirate is hysterical and the fact that he is chanting “no more diapers for me” as he pees his pants! We are back at it in full force after our vacation too and not making a ton of head way. All during the vacation he kept asking if he could go potty on the toilet ( the answer was “no”) and now that we are back he has not asked once. He wears underwear almost all day and I have to initiate him sitting on the toilet every time. He’s good with peeing on the toilet but not pooping. Let’s just say now is not a great time to come to our house if you are afraid of germs!

    • Glad that I am not going through this alone (though I certainly feel for you). I went to put him in underwear this morning RIGHT after he woke up and he was already pooping in his diaper. I seriously cannot catch a break! and our house is still a mess from our trip because I am moving slowly due to lack of energy from the “vacation” so I’m scared to let him run free, even with underwear for fear of missing a tinkle and finding something gross a week from now! AAAAHHH!

  2. Wish you could use my method. I sent the kids to Grandmas house for 2 months this summer. She is handling most of the early potty training stuff for me. Muahaha… She wanted them, that was my condition. Perhaps Im mean, or perhaps Im an evil genius. We shall see.

    • I wish we could do that! I feel bad because most of my friends have kids who have potty trained earlier but ALL of them go to daycare and have people other than their parents helping and we don’t have anyone but us (and by us, I mean me until he gets the hang of things because hubby is more easily frustrated than me). It is smart to use those who offer help because kids seem to do it quicker that way!! Hope yours come back completely trained! 🙂

      • Me too, but I’m sure I will be taking home little baggies of surprises for awhile. And getting used to the: pee before you leave, pee when you get there, pee when you leave there, and pee when you get home routine will be tough! *we can do it*

      • Our first (and only potty trained one so far) had issues with pooping in the potty. It was boring. He didn’t want to sit there. I started reading stories to him. For a while he wouldn’t poop unless I read “the bird book” (Are You My Mother) to him… Especially frustrating when it got left at home and I had a screaming toddler in a public restroom demanding his bird book. Lol

      • that’s so funny (from an outsider’s perspective – I realize not so funny when it is actually happening to you). I’ve gotten him to sit still with the dvds, but only on the tiny potty and only with a potty dvd (obviously can’t do either of those things in public but it’s a big step from not sitting on the potty at all). I just wish he would actually do something other than sit! 🙂

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