Kiss My Toe

toe kissThe strangest and most wonderful thing just happened to me.  My 7-year-old came up to me and asked me to kiss his toe.  Now, naturally, I assumed he was just trying to be funny and gross by shoving his dirty toes in my face (he has been known to torture his sister this way).  But, he was totally serious.  He stubbed it earlier today and it was still hurting a little so he “just figured that it couldn’t hurt to get a kiss on there” just in case it could help it feel better.

Under no circumstances am I a fan of kissing dirty toes, but in this instance, I had to make an exception.  I got a teeny-tiny glimpse of my baby boy still there in that 7-year-old body and it made my day so I puckered up and let that toe get some mama love.  He thanked me and went along his merry way; I went to discreetly brush my teeth and say a little prayer of thanks for the reminder that he still needs me and will always be my baby, even as he seems to quickly outgrow me.

I have never been so happy to kiss a toe.


8 thoughts on “Kiss My Toe

  1. That is so cute! I don’t remember the last time my two older kids asked me to kiss any of their boo-boos. The 2 year old asks occasionally and it’s always nice to think we have superpowers in our kiss. It would definitely mean more if the older kids thought that too!

    • Yeah, my older two never ask anymore (though I still offer – haha) that’s why it was such a surprise! Big Trouble is constantly falling and hurting himself though, so I probably have a few more years of boo-boo kisses from him to cling to! 🙂

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