Getting To Know Us – Part II: A Chat With The Big Brother

After talking to “The Princess” in Part I, I sat down to talk to  “The Big Brother”, Age 7  (He is the one who takes everything very seriously and tends to have a one-track mind when it comes to his current interest.  It shows in his answers.)

  • What do you want to be when you grow up? A basketball player (Here’s hoping he grows a little bit taller)
  • What brings you the most happiness? playing basketball (He really does love to play and is basketball camp right now so I guess it was money well spent)
  • When do you feel the most loved? When I get to go to Nuberri for frozen yogurt (apparently, his love can be bought with a small cup of yogurt and toppings)
  • What are you afraid of? getting struck by lightning  (What?!)
  • If you had one wish, what would you wish for? 5 trillion dollars (Hope he shares with me)
  • What is the funniest word?  toot (I’m just glad he doesn’t say fart yet)
  • What is the hardest/easiest thing to do? the hardest is to swim in a pool during a lightning storm; the easiest thing to do is to sit and do nothing (His ‘easiest’ thing is totally his personality because it’s the serious, common sense answer, but what is up with the lightning responses?!)
  • What is the best/worst thing in the world? the worst is dying and the best is playing basketball or doing other fun things (Did I mention he obsesses over his current interest, which is clearly basketball?)
  • What makes you mad? when people don’t think I am good at sports (This kind of makes my heart hurt a little because he is so serious and so sensitive and he really wants to be good at basketball – though I am kind of happy that it wasn’t something that I do that makes him mad)
  • What is the meaning of love? care and friendship (he has more insight than a lot of older people)
  • If you had all the money in the world, what would you do with it? I would do all of the things that I love to do until I ran out of money (He’s learning quickly that we can’t just do everything we want to do, though I guess I should work a little harder to make sure he understands that money doesn’t solve everything)

Getting to know me (THE OLD LADY), as told by The Big Brother

  • What’s my favorite TV show? The Bible (I didn’t watch this when it came on the History Channel but I do enjoy a good bible story)
  • What do I drink? Coke (Yeah, my kids know me well)
  • What do I eat? french fries (I love french fries but I don’t actually eat them that often anymore so this surprised me)
  • What do I do for fun? read books(After law school I never expected to agree with this statement again, but I do like to read books if I ever get a quiet moment to myself)
  • What do I like to read? To Kill A Mockingbird (Love this book and I am impressed that both of my older kids only picked up on the classic books that I read so that I look very literary!  Score!)
  • What do I wear? clothes, glasses and contacts (Yes, I do wear clothes though I do not wear my glasses and contacts at the same time)
  • What do I do with my friends? chat on Facebook (I don’t actually sit and “chat” on Facebook but I fully admit that it’s my link to the outside world when it comes to keeping up with my friends and family whom I don’t get to see often enough)
  • What is my favorite song?  Gangham Style because you sound like the girl in the second version (And here I thought we were finally over Gangham Style!  If you’re not aware of the version that he is talking of, click this link.  I can do a fantastic imitation of the girl – it’s not difficult, even though I don’t think I have done it in almost a year so I have no idea why this is the first thing that popped into his head)
  • What do I do when you’re school? Watch Big Trouble and eat and drink. (Again, that is clearly all that I do during the day)
  • What do I do when you’re in bed at night? Sleep(I certainly do try)
  • What do I dream about at night? Weird Stuff – but the real question is what does Daddy dream about? hmm… (So, I dream about weird stuff but it’s not as interesting as what Daddy dreams about?  Wonder what Daddy dreams about?)
  • What is my favorite store? Target. (We really do go there a lot)
  • What do I buy there? Diapers. (oh my Lord, how often do I go get diapers – seriously must force Big Trouble to get his butt on the toilet!)
  • What’s my favorite thing to do with you?  Go out to eat in a fancy restaurant together. (I’m not sure we have ever eaten out at a fancy restaurant but I know he does like the one-on-one “dates” we go on, even if it’s just mother-son night at Chik-fil-a when they bring out the ‘fancy’ tablecloths and candles)

9 thoughts on “Getting To Know Us – Part II: A Chat With The Big Brother

    • he does love his basketball. It’s so funny how the interests become so intense so quickly with kids! I think he has held an interest in this longer than anything else thus far so hopefully he will keep at it! 🙂

  1. Wow! I can’t believe how many of your posts I missed while I was gone. I just read them all from the home page and will do a collective commentary. First of all I LOVE the interviews! I will have to do this with my kids although I am a little scared about their answers! I really like that frozen yogurt is the way to your son’s heart! Also, congratulations on your 9 year anniversary. I love the photos! I love all the art projects that you did at the summer camp. I think we are going to have to make the pet rocks. My kids collected so many rocks on our trip! And lastly, I am so impressed with your son’s artwork at the museum. That is so cool!

    • aw, thanks. we have been super busy (and are about to go out of town next week) so I have been kind of slacking in the storytelling blog department, but I tried to at least keep up with pictures of stuff! I’m not going to lie, I am going to be really happy when school starts again! haha!

    • I’m really surprised none of mine have picked it up yet but with 2 boys, I’m sure it’s coming soon! 🙂 It’s a really fun experiment to do with the kids! I tried to do it with my 2-year old, but he just had a lot of random things to say so I’m just writing down all of his silly conversations!

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