Hoarders – Buried Alive (By The Toys)

it's much, much worse than this

it’s much, much worse than this

I have 3 kids, all with very different tastes, all living in a very small space.  This = DISORGANIZED MAYHEM when it comes to toys.  I have tried large toy buckets, bookshelves with baskets, etc.  NOTHING works when there is a little guy whose favorite pastime is dumping things out all over the floor (this also include laundry – which is NEVERENDING).

I am at the point where I just want to throw everything away and start over from scratch, but obviously I can’t do that until I win the lotto.  So, in the meantime, I welcome any suggestions on how you handle the craziness that is having multiple children, toys and general clutter!  Please help me!!!

7 thoughts on “Hoarders – Buried Alive (By The Toys)

  1. I can’t handle it!!! You know how people say to cherish these days with the little kids because it goes by way too fast…well, I really do try to live by that mantra but it would be so much easier if we weren’t being swallowed up by toys! The older kids have their toys in their room for the most part but since Cesar is still little and the majority of his playing is done in the living room a few months ago I did start executing a new plan. There is one basket in the living room with toys in it. The rest I divided up into diaper boxes and put them away. Every week or two I get out a new box and empty it into the basket in the living room and put the others away. This is going slightly okay but every once in awhile he finds where I hid the other boxes and goes and sneaks toys out of them and we are right back to square one. Honestly, I would love to just throw out all of the toys!!

    • I’m sad you are going through this too, but it makes me feel a little better knowing that I’m not the only one. I have 3 huge buckets (1 for each kid) in our tiny living room, but they just keep getting dumped out so that is not working and we are completely out of closet space! I am going nuts with the repeated cleaning. It’s like Groundhogs Day. And then when I get to the kids’ room, we’re out of space again and things are crazy. I don’t want to keep trying to buy “storage solutions” like all the people online suggest because it’s too expensive and nothing has worked, but I have got to figure out something! Especially since all 3 will be here full time with me all Summer! I’m envisioning toys falling from the sky and eating me before I can stop them.

  2. This is a never-ending battle in our house too. There are toys in every room of our house, 90% of which they never play with. I swear we could throw out everything but the books, Legos and Barbies and we’d be fine. A big part of our problem is “generosity” on the part of family and friends. We buy very few toys ourselves, but the kids get dozens of gifts every birthday, Christmas, even Easter and Valentine’s Day!!! No matter how often I go through them and either sell or donate stuff, we end up with more. I’ll be curious to see what other advice you get…cuz I got nothin’!

    • We have the same problem with people giving us stuff. I love that everyone thinks of my kids, but at some point we are going to have no where to walk! And we donate a lot too, yet somehow the toys keep multiplying like rabbits! How does that work?!

  3. I didn’t read the comments so please forgive me if I repeat them…
    When toys get to be too much, I always do one of two things: put away or give away! I rotate toys but when, even after a rotation, they still don’t get played with, they get donated to our local charity thrift store. 🙂 Other children will appreciate them!! I never get rid of things my children love, but out with the old, in with the new. I’ve always thought If you’ve run out of space, you’ve got too much stuff! Just my humble opinion! I mean, we get them new things on a pretty regular basis (Christmas, birthdays, and allowance purchases) so it isn’t possible for me to keep trying to store it all. I include the kids in the donating, btw. 🙂

    • I feel like we have too much stuff too, although I still can’t figure out why because we donate A LOT! It’s like stuff is breeding! We have a small condo so I don’t have a lot of room to store anything for rotation purposes, sadly. Do you have any storage secrets? I’m getting to the point where I just want to donate EVERYTHING and tell them to just use their imaginations and play pretend!

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