Am I The Only One Who Noticed?

caillouIt’s no secret that I despise the show Caillou (and I’m pretty sure that I am not alone here).  But, for some unknown reason, my kids LOVE it.  I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why!  He’s sooooooo annoying (if I could keep typing O’s for a few more lines without becoming annoying myself, I would).  He whines about EVERYTHING, even when he’s supposedly having fun!  Plus, what’s up with the bald head?  He’s 4, shouldn’t he have some hair by now?  And, why is he still 4?  I have been forced to deal with this show since the late 90’s when my little brother was still young enough to watch Caillou on PBS.  I mean, Caillou should be heading off to college at this point, not back to nursery school for the 2 millionth time!  And, why do his parents always dress like it’s Winter year round while Caillou and Rosie always seem to have on Summer clothes? (My oldest actually brought up that last point!)

These questions/thoughts are just a few that roam around in my head every time my kids watch that show.  Part of me has considered just cutting them off cold-turkey, but there are very few shows that all 3 will watch together so that I can have 20 minutes of peace and since any momentary lapse in arguing = success to me, I weakly give in to the dreaded Caillou and his family.

Recently, however, I have noticed some new episodes on Sprout (and by new, I just mean new to Sprout; I’m guessing they are still probably a few years old) where Caillou’s voice has definitely changed.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s still annoying, but not nearly as annoying as he used to be.  Has anyone else noticed this?  Am I just going deaf in my old age so my ears are deceiving me, or have the creators of the show finally listened to the parents and created a somewhat less-obnoxious representation of a 4-year-old?

Whatever the case, I will take it!  Thanks for toning it down a bit Caillou.  Now, please head over to the Hair Club For Men and get some plugs and finish your college application ASAP!

**If there is a parent out there that actually likes Caillou, please list your reasons here!  I am not out to argue, I truly do wish I could embrace this show like my kids since I am subjected to its horrors daily, but I have yet to be shown the way!**

17 thoughts on “Am I The Only One Who Noticed?

  1. It’s funny, my partner and I were actually talking about this the other day. We also don’t like Caillou, mainly because his mom always seems to cave in to his demands (probably because she can’t stand the high-pitched annoying voice that she’s been hearing for the past decade lol). I would say, however, that if it allows you to have a 20 minute break from arguments between your three children, then it’s all good!

  2. I think when Iris was 4 I banned Caillou after I saw an episode where he was whining about taking a bath and then the next day she whined about having to take a bath! Now my kids sneak episodes of it or watch it over at Grandma’s to get their fix! It’s as taboo as a rated-R movie!!

    • I have threatened to ban it if they start whining too. They really do pick up on it. That’s what makes me wonder what the purpose of this show is since the effects seem to be more negative than positive?

  3. Ha ha! Love this post. I am not the only one 🙂 My brother hates the show, but my husbands side of the family’s French and it is originally French, so Sawyer has a lot of French Caillou books. I do like that since I want my kids to be as bilingual as possible. LOL still laughing.

    • Glad it’s not just me! I totally get the bilingual aspect (although I haven’t seen anything on our tv even hinting at anything but English with a Canadian accent). We watch Dora for the same reason because we live in Florida and encounter Spanish a lot (she’s also kind of annoying, but very tolerable in comparison!) 🙂

  4. When Maggie was two, she loved that show and it was annoying to me (I love how you talked about using more O’s, btw!!) but I let her watch it, because hey, we were already not letting her watch Barney! But then, she started sounding like him and it was all over – banned it completely! Had to do the same with Dragon Tales!! Ugh. 🙄

  5. HAHAHAHAH!!! Love this! My little guy who is 18 months loves Caillou. He adores the show and even falls out laughing at some of the things he sees. Because of this I put up with it. I also watch it on Sprout and have noticed that Caillou’s voice does change on some of the episodes. I thought I was crazy too when I noticed. But yes, Caillou needs some hair. It does drive me crazy. I want to get him a wig or something.

    • glad it’s not just my hearing! 🙂 I read somewhere that they made him bald because it would be easier for any kid to identify with him. That makes absolutely no sense to me though! Grow some hair already!

  6. This made me LOL but I don’t mind Caillou myself. Maybe it is the new voice, because we only watch it on Sprout. I do wish he’d lighten up but then maybe Caillou is supposed to give little kids a foil to look good next to? My son just announced this morning that he is Caillou today so I’ll be watching for symptoms.

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