End Of Year Teacher’s Gift Dilemma

Well, it’s that time of year again; end of the school year and time to purchase the teacher gifts.  Last year I did small gifts for all of the teachers and slightly bigger ones for the main teachers.  Seeing as though this ended up being for approx. 25 people, it was very stressful and expensive, even though we limited price amounts.

This year, we’re just focusing on the main teachers, both at school and at Sunday School.  But even with limiting the number of people we are purchasing things for, it’s been extremely difficult to come up with ideas, especially since the end of the year gifts come right after Teacher Appreciation Week.

I see lots of cheesy things on Pinterest that I could make (and we kind of did for the “SundAE” School teachers – yes, we got them small frozen yogurt giftcards housed in little ice cream cups on top of tissue paper vaguely resembling an ice cream sundae), but I’m kind of burnt out from making things for everyone (I know, I’m pathetic) and I’m kind of sick of the cheesy stuff for some reason.  I feel like the teachers might be sick of it too seeing as though some of the popular stuff has been around for many years and chances are, they have already received the gifts we were considering.

My daughter wants to make a pencil vase with “beautiful” flowers in it for her teacher and I think we can pull that off (plus she got a first year teacher who hasn’t had the good fortune to already receive the cheesy gifts yet).

something like this?

something like this?

But then, there’s my son, who has a teacher that has been teaching for A LONG TIME and has everything she needs; not to mention his gifted teacher who is a little quirky (aka, not your average teacher).

Does anyone have any reasonably priced go-to gift ideas for teachers?  I am at a loss and we only have 2 weeks left before our crazy Summer!  Please help! We can pretend this is a blog party if that makes it more exciting! 🙂


10 thoughts on “End Of Year Teacher’s Gift Dilemma

  1. Well, for your son’s main school teacher, could you give her a giftcard to a school supply store? Even $10 would be a nice gift. 🙂 We have a store called The School Box and it is a teacher’s paradise!

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