Friday Blog Party – 5/10


Linking up again with Valerie (aka Atlantamomofthree) to co-host the Friday Blog party!  I admit that I have been a little lax in the blogging department this week because it has been CRAZY around our house so I’m looking forward to reading everyone else’s blogs now that I have a little downtime!

To join in the party, all you have to do is choose one of your blog posts from this week, introduce it in the comments section, and share the link to it. It can be the one that you put the most thought into, the one that received the most responses, the one that needs some responses ;) , the funniest one, etc. You choose!

You are more than welcome to co-host this party too. Just use the above image in your own party post and then link back to this party and Valerie’s so that we can come over and add our links to your comments! (If you choose to join us in co-hosting, we will add your blog name to our posts.)

Have a great Mother’s Day weekend. ♥ ♥


21 thoughts on “Friday Blog Party – 5/10

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    • Love it! Thanks for sharing! (I have an upcoming cross-country flight with my 2-year-old in July – Lord help those around me….or perhaps he will surprise me and be an angel like yours!) 🙂

      • I wish you luck. I was traveling with a 4 month old which is WAY easier than a toddler but I am sending good travel vibes your way. Best thing I ever did for traveling with my toddler was going to the dollar store and buying 10 things and wrapping them in wrapping paper. Every 20 minutes or so she would get to open a new one and that would keep her occupied for the time until the next present got to be opened.

      • I have two older ones that have been flying since they were babies and we never had a problem (also did the dollar store thing which is fantastic) but my youngest is not one to sit still for very long….not great when that’s all you are really supposed to do! YIKES!

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