Just Another Manic Monday

I probably won’t be posting much this week as I am desperately trying to prevent my home from becoming an episode of Hoarders.    And here’s why:


I know y’all understand this dilemma.  Wish me luck because I definitely need it (and perseverance – I need that too thanks to the supposedly potty training minion and his ability to simultaneously pee on me while dumping a glass of chocolate milk that his sister kindly left on the table as we left for school drop off).  Happy Monday! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Just Another Manic Monday

  1. Good luck!! And Samuel is usually pooping when he’s silent. 😉 haha And Joshua is always ASLEEP when he is silent!

  2. Oh I hear ya! I was in overdrive mode last week trying to get the house under control! I think this weekend I may finally be able to have my garage sale (fingers crossed) so I can clear out this hovel!! Obviously I still need to continue to be in overdrive mode this weekend as well so I really should stay off of WordPress…that remains to be seen (I think I am addicted)!

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