A Little High Maintenance, But Definitely Worth It

Instead of buying her yet another toy, my husband and I decided to plan a few activities for my daughter’s actual birthday (her birthday party having taken place the Saturday before so that her friends could come before they left for Spring Break).  It was a much better use of money and it allowed us to spend some quality time together!

Now, please remember that 2 of the 3 things we did are definitely not every day occasions, but for purposes of a “big girl’s” 6th birthday, they were perfect choices.

The kids started off the day by going to see The Croods with daddy.  We would have all gone together, but Big Trouble doesn’t do movies – SHOCKING, right?croods croods2

Then, compliments of Grandma, I got to take her to her first mani/pedi.

holding very still!

holding very still!

getting a special design on her toes, compliments of the nice nail stylist

getting a special design on her toes, compliments of the nice nail stylist

She was so excited and told everyone there that it was her birthday and she was a big girl.  They didn’t seem to mind that she took 10 minutes to pick out 2 colors (because she couldn’t just have matching fingers and toes).

fancy flower toes

fancy flower toes

nails done

she thought she was so big, especially when they brought her an apple juice to sip on during the process 🙂

Then we went to the Melting Pot for a fondue dinner.  They loved how stringy the cheese was when they dipped the bread in and REALLY loved the yummy chocolate dessert.



It was an exhausting day, but a fun one for everyone, even B.T. who got to eat the leftovers we brought home from dinner.  I hope it was as special for my big girl as it was for me and I hope this will be something that we can replicate over the coming years with her and with our boys. 🙂

12 thoughts on “A Little High Maintenance, But Definitely Worth It

  1. Oh, I love this idea of special outings instead of gifts!!! Perfect! Also, what do you mean you didn’t bring Big Trouble to The Melting Pot???? He would have had so much fun chucking cheese covered bread at people and running around hanging with couples celebrating their anniversaries!!

  2. So much fun! We’ve recently tried a similar approach to gifts we get for the kids’ friends too. A recent hit was two kids’ movie passes (with the suggestion that we would come pick up the birthday boy and take him and our son to the show…no pressure on the other parents, plus they got a bonus afternoon off).

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