I Need Your Help! (Can I Call This A Blog Party?)

recycleHello, friends!  This Summer, I am going to be an assistant art teacher at a 2-week day camp that my children attend (they get to go free because I am sacrificing what was supposed to be my peaceful time – I am pretty awesome, right? Or insane – we’ll see).

While I like to consider myself to be a “creative” person, I am by no means “artistic”.  So, when asked to try and find some fun “green” projects for the older kids, I felt a little panicked.  Of course I went trolling on Pinterest (BLERG) because where better to find a ton of ideas, but we all know how my Pinterest ideas usually turn out so I thought I would try to enlist your help, too!

Does anyone have any recycled/green projects that tweens and younger teens might enjoy doing?  This is a harder age than younger kids because most kids in this age bracket are over arts and crafts because they are so cool and totally grown (hey, I was young once, about a million years ago, so I still kind of remember that feeling). So, it can actually be a more sophisticated project, but has to use at least some recycled materials.

There are a few ideas that I have found so far and I will be sharing soon, but I am completely open (and slightly desperate) for some more, so please bring on the help!! Seriously. Please. Help. Me!

Here’s what to do (special thanks to the lovely Valerie at Atlanta Mom of Three because I am totally stealing borrowing her blog party outline here):

  • Write a new post (or use one of your old posts if you have one), about a recycled craft idea;
  • Email the post’s permalink, and any additional information you want to share, to doubledootydiapers@comcast.net.
  • The deadline for submissions will be Friday, April 5th.

Once I collect all of the ideas, I will do a final post with everyone’s ideas (and links to their pages) which will also serve as a list of possibilities for me to present to the real teacher that I will be assisting!

Thank you in advance to everyone who is willing to help a sister out! Even if it is just by submitting a Pinterest idea, sigh. 🙂

10 thoughts on “I Need Your Help! (Can I Call This A Blog Party?)

  1. I created a resusable art project. Not exactly green but it could be seen that way. I don’t want to link here because I’ll be seen as a spammer but I’m pretty sure my Gravatar links to my site.

  2. That’s a fun age, but definitely a challenge in the crafts department! I’ve got a few ideas, though. I will get some feedback from my kids and we will get working on some projects that are “older” kid-approved! 🙂 Will email you with the link once we’re done. 😉

  3. Valerie suggested I get in touch with you!
    I have a great Spring craft that’s great for the whole family! Will email you soon!

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