Happy Birthday Princess!

Today is my favorite daughter’s 6th birthday (I’m allowed to say that because she is the only daughter).  She has been counting down to this day for about 11 months.  She is convinced that turning 6 is the equivalent of being fully grown and tomorrow she will finally be the birthday princess!  We have exciting things planned that only big girls get to do and she is thrilled.  I can only hope our plans live up to her expectations.  Happy Birthday my little mini-me.  I love you.zoe



8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Princess!

  1. Hope she has a happy birthday! And happy 6th anniversary of becoming her mama to you!

    My dad and I have that same joke about my being his favorite (and only) daughter. Cracks me up every time.

  2. Awww….Don’t you wish you could put those little bonnets on them forever???! Happy Birthday to Zoe! We have birthdays coming up in May and June and yes my kids have been talking about and planning theirs since… well….May and June! It’s like the highlight of their lives!

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