Getting Creative Over Spring Break

Yesterday was the first day of Spring Break for my kids.  In order to attempt to survive this week with a shred of sanity, I tried to come up with at least one new trip or idea for each day of the week.  It was supposed to rain yesterday so we dubbed it “art day”.  I busted out my old crafting table and while the human wrecking ball known as my 2-year-old took his nap, I sat down with the big kids to put together the dreaded cardboard princess carriage that she received for her birthday.  Her reading buddy from school gave it to her (she has a HUGE crush on this poor high school-aged kid) so she wanted to do it right away.

looks like fun, right?

looks like fun, right?

It was really sweet of him to think of her and it seemed like a really fun project….until we realized how many pieces this project had and how bad the instructions were.

the front page of the instructions (the back contained just as many)

the front page of the instructions (the back contained just as many)


about half of the pages of parts for the carriage

Despite my panic at the challenge we were about to undertake, the kids were ready to go, so they colored most of the pieces and we started punching out the parts so that we could start putting them together (and by we, you know I mostly mean me).


Happy to have an art day

Three hours later, despite two kids who had wandered off about an hour and a half into this endeavor and one who had woken up from his nap to do his best to destroy our efforts, we (I) finally had a finished project to take a picture of before it fell apart.


the princess in the carriage (notice that only some things are colored in – apparently coloring for more than 15 minutes is boring)


Our grand design, complete with 4 horses, 2 drivers, a princess and 2 footmen. Isn’t it breathtaking?!

Needless to say, parts of the carriage have already been disassembled so that little people can play with them so the wheels, the princess and the horses are gone (RIP), but the actual carriage is still in one piece.  We’ll see how long that lasts.

In any event, the kids had fun doing something a little different and it kept us all busy enough to not go crazy being stuck in the house (even if we did go a little crazy trying to figure out where each piece went)!

*Day 2 Update – Today was supposed to be a fun “museum” day – that did not go as planned since Big Trouble was in no mood to cooperate and only wanted to play on the stairs.  Here’s hoping for a better day tomorrow! Only 4 more days of Spring Break to go!*

4 thoughts on “Getting Creative Over Spring Break

  1. Love the carriage — and how cool that you set up things to do each day during Spring Break! Last year, I felt like I was running my own “Camp Mom” over Spring Break (and summer vacation, for that matter!).

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