Mommy’s Time Out

This weekend, I got a chance to head back to my hometown to spend the day with my best friend.  Even though we only live 2 1/2 hours away, we don’t get to see each other very often due to our crazy lives with 3 children each (and a 4th on the way – IN HER FAMILY, NOT MINE – calm down).  As such, any time we do get to be together, we try to enjoy thoroughly, even if it is only on a play date with random children running up and asking us questions or asking for a specific mommy’s help.

This visit was different because NO KIDS WERE INVOLVED, except for the one in her tummy but he can’t talk yet or require a poopy diaper change so he’s still acceptable.  This mini ‘girls day out’ came just 4 weeks before she is due with her 4th son.  I have been around to host showers for the first 3 but since this one was another boy and she is pretty set with the necessities, we decided to just go and have some big girl alone time instead of having me throw her another shower.

She had never been to the Alhambra Dinner Theater and it is something that includes food and entertainment and takes several uninterrupted hours so it became the perfect choice for a substitute baby shower.  We made plans a few months in advance so that it would be set in stone and then (im)patiently waited for the big day to arrive.

The morning finally came and I picked up a pack of diapers at the store before I travelled over so that I could at least give her something she could use for the baby.  We waved goodbye to her husband who would be watching her boys that day and chuckled as we snuck out the door to freedom.  (My mom and dad kindly watched my younger two while my husband kept my older son in our hometown for a rare one-on-one father/son day).

The play currently running at the Alhambra is Driving Miss Daisy.  Now, I have only seen musicals at the dinner theater so to see a regular play was going to be new for me too, and I must say that I really enjoyed it.  Every scene was hilarious and the actors were tremendous.  (Sidenote – the woman playing Miss Daisy was Michael Learned or “Mama Walton” from the tv show “The Waltons”.  This didn’t really mean that much to me when I found out because I am more of a Little House On The Prairie girl, but my mom knew who she was immediately because she is the world’s biggest Walton’s fan.  My frame of reference came when my friend’s husband told me she had been a guest star on Scrubs and then I immediately knew who she was as I am one of the world’s biggest Scrubs fans.  I’m guessing this is showing the slight generation gap between me and my mother, which is pretty funny.)

Anyhow, we talked non-stop from the moment I walked in the door of her house at about 10:30 and really didn’t stop until the show started at 1:15.  That is like 4 years of adult conversation for me.  It was heaven.  We had a great 3 course lunch, watched a great play and enjoyed laughing at the group of 80 year olds surrounding us.  I’m not joking because apparently we chose to go on Nursing Home Field Trip Day (I’m talking 3 huge tour buses full) so we really were the youngest people in the crowd by approx. 40-50 years.  I can’t wait until we reach retirement home status because I will definitely be boarding the bus and heading over to the dinner theater to cause trouble in my old age.

I had to laugh at the resemblance between how we are today and how we were in the past.       We have known each other since high school when we started working together at a local grocery store and we were immediately bonded for life when we found out we were going to the same college and taking many of the same classes.  When we travelled through Europe during college, we always seemed to end up in the tiny cafes or pubs, drinking tea and chatting with the older natives of whatever town we were in.  I don’t know why, but they flocked to us and we loved it.  We really are old people at heart, apparently.

Returning home from our first trip to the UK, circa 2000

Returning home from our first trip to the UK, circa 2000

Now, here we are, 15 years later and just feeling like senior citizens because we are tired and cranky.  I love that we can admit this to each other with pride.  I wish we lived closer, but I love that we have the kind of relationship where we can go without talking for a little while and then pick right back up where we left off.  It’s so hard to find and maintain those kind of relationships these days, especially as you get older and lives go in different directions, so I have really learned to treasure it!    I may be old and persnickety now, but she puts up with me anyway and we truly are forever friends!  I had a blast pretending to give her a baby shower and I hope she did too.  Here’s to many more years of feeling old and commiserating together!

older and wiser, but still sassy :)

Our keychain souvenir from the play showing us older and wiser, but still sassy 🙂


7 thoughts on “Mommy’s Time Out

  1. How amazingly FUN!! I am so jealous of the girl time you got to have! And it’s so wonderful that you have kept that friendship for so long. 😀

  2. That is hilarious that you went on Nursing Home Field Trip Day! Seriously though this sounds so fun! It’s so amazing when we find the time to reconnect with our old friends! I just met with two of my girlfriends from high school last week and of course we were the loudest people in the restaurant and getting looks!

  3. I met two of my best friends when we were 5 years old–now we’re approaching our mid-forties! One lives 8 hours away and the other is halfway around the world, but no matter how much time passes between visits, we pick up our conversations as though we were together yesterday. There’s nothing like long-time friends! Doesn’t it make you feel lucky?

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