5 Things My Big Kids Learned This Week

My kids have made some interesting discoveries this week so I thought I would share them with you.

1. If you put blue cleaner in the toilet, you can pee on it and make it green because yellow and blue make green.  So much fun.

2.  If you don’t jiggle the toilet handle when it randomly gets stuck and mom has added the blue cleaner, it will make a large pile of bubbles in the toilet.  This means you have to scream and yell, “EMERGENCY” so mom thinks the toilet is overflowing, even though it isn’t.  Then you can take turns peeing on the bubbles until they go away – YOU CANNOT FLUSH THE TOILET UNTIL THE BUBBLES ARE GONE.  (I’m really surprised that this did not motivate Big Trouble to become potty training since he is obsessed with bubbles).

3. Their little brother thinks his poo is fruit snacks.

4. If you pour powder on little brother while he is getting his diaper changed, he will say, “AAAAHHH” and then thank you profusely.  They find this hilarious.

5. Dinosaurs are related to chickens.  Who knew?

I’m sure hopeful that they have learned more important things this week, but this is what they chose to remember with excitement.  Maybe next week’s fun facts won’t include toilets or poo.  Or maybe they will discover even more exciting/disgusting things.  That’s what’s fun about kids – you never know what will come out of them!


7 thoughts on “5 Things My Big Kids Learned This Week

  1. Those are great! When Bency was little he learned that if you fart while getting powder applied during the diaper change it made a big powder cloud all over me! Of course he thought this was hilarious so tried this technique EVERY time!

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