No, Honey, Those Are Not Fruit Snacks

I don't see why he isn't interested in this!

I don’t see why he isn’t interested in this!

As I have mentioned in the past, I am in the process of potty training my youngest.  He wants nothing to do with it other than to just sit randomly on his little toilet and tell me what a big boy he is.

Yesterday, I noticed him hiding in his spot and I knew exactly what he was up to.  I went over to him, checked the diaper and noticed that he had started to soil himself, but was clearly not finished.  So, I decided that maybe if I got him on his potty mid-poo, he would get a few, um, “pieces” in there and I would be able to praise him and show him how this whole business is supposed to go.

I asked him if he could sit on his potty and he said yes so I brought over the toilet and carefully took off his gross diaper while he straddled the seat.  He sat down for 3.5 seconds and that was the extent of his interest.  But, with my good timing, he managed to put a little something in the toilet during those few seconds of down time.

As he stood up, I cheered and told him he was a big boy for using the potty and I pointed into the little container so that he could admire his handiwork.  **Only at this point in childhood are we so excited about feces.**  He looked at me and then into the potty and then back at me and said, “oooh, fruit snacks!” and then started to reach into the toilet to grab out his deposit, apparently to eat it.  Yeah.

Fortunately, I have the reflexes of a jungle cat when it comes to all things kid-related and I was able to prevent this disgusting occurrence.  But, seriously, who poops in the potty and mistakes it for a fruit snack?! Only my kid.

Once again he has proven that we are making absolutely no progress and he has more potential at being a Depends model than becoming a regular toilet user.  He has also made me look at fruit snacks in an entirely different light.


8 thoughts on “No, Honey, Those Are Not Fruit Snacks

  1. Oh my gosh, I’m going through exactly the same thing, although my little one hasn’t described his poo as fruit snacks…yet! I sit him on the potty, we sing songs, we pretend to speak on imaginary phones…and still i get nothing! 🙂 x

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