And The Fun Continues…

After a terrific start to a Monday morning, I ended up finishing the day off with an even bigger bang.  I will try to keep things from getting too graphic.

Let’s just say that a certain child was in the bathtub playing in the bubbles (both those I inserted into the stream of water and those she was creating with her butt to amuse her baby brother – girls are just as gross as boys; there, had to be said).

All of a sudden, I noticed a leaf floating in the tub.  Wow, I wonder how that got in there? That’s weird.  Maybe little brother dropped it in? He does like leaves.  Oh, well.  I’ll just scoop it out so we can continue on with the bath.

IT WAS NOT A LEAF.  It was brown and shaped like a leaf, BUT IT WAS NOT!!!!  Apparently the butt bubbles brought out a little something extra for me to grab WITH MY BARE HAND.

Now, I have 3 kids and 2 much younger siblings so in the course of my life I have been pooped on, peed on, puked on, etc., numerous times, and I have a pretty high tolerance for all things disgusting, but this one got me because it was completely unexpected.

There was much screaming from me; then from my daughter when she realized why I was screaming (even though it was her fault, the little turd – literally); then from my toddler who decided we were just having a screaming contest for fun.  Naturally, this happened when Daddy was not at home so a complete breakdown was not to be allowed and a thorough scrubbing of all things tub related had to happen.

I am still in the process of boiling my hand because words can’t describe my distress.  Last night will haunt my dreams for years to come and I promise it will come back to haunt my daughter in the future.  Is it Friday yet?!!!!!


17 thoughts on “And The Fun Continues…

  1. Bless your heart – i’ve been there 😦 i learned early on to assume that anything in the tub that is brown isn’t a leaf!

  2. I really shouldn’t be laughing so hard at this as I’ve experienced the same mortifying discovery a number of times in the last few weeks! But still so funny all the same 🙂

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