Postcards From Afar

Last week we saw a post by one of my favorite bloggers, motherhood is an art, about a postcard exchange that she and her kids recently participated in.  I thought this sounded like such a fun idea for the kids so I headed over to atlanta mom of three to see if we could participate too.  She graciously accepted our family into the postcard exchange and we set out to find a few local postcards (turns out this is easier said than done – who knew?, but my husband did manage to find a few at the capitol building, even if they weren’t the most exciting representations of our beautiful city).

Participating in the postcard exchange introduced me to a new fellow blogging mom, strengthened the kinship I already felt with a mom living a very parallel life to mine, and allowed the kids to share a piece of Tallahassee with both of these great blogging families.

My kids were excited to write to their new friends, whom they have dubbed their “pen pals” in Wisconsin (I laughed hysterically as I read their letters where my daughter seemed rather flirty with her 5-year-old boy counterpart and my son was basically just bragging about his sports prowess to impress his 7-year-old girl counterpart – KIDS!) and to get great postcards and letters from both Atlanta and the Green Bay area!  Here’s a few shots (albeit not great ones because they were taken with my phone) of some of the fun things they received in the mail!

our pretty souvenir from atlanta mom of 3!

our pretty postcard from atlanta mom of 3!

Our stash of goodies from the family at motherhood is an art!

Our stash of goodies from the family at motherhood is an art!

This was such a fun swap that the kids are already composing new letters and asking me to find more exchanges to participate in so that they can start collecting postcards!  Wish me luck with that! 🙂

And, a special thanks to my fellow mom bloggers (motherhood is an art and atlanta mom of three) for sharing the information and allowing us to participate in the fun!


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