The Life Timeline Of An Almost 6-Year-Old

This week, my daughter received an assignment asking her to create a timeline of her life, with one event or particular memory from each year.  I’ll admit that my first thought was, “great, here’s another project that I’m going to end up doing most of the work for and fighting with her over how involved she has to be.” (This thought stems from the fact that my son also has a project due next week that is proving to be a lot more complicated than it should be and he has been less than enthusiastic thus far – hoping that changes over the weekend).

However, to her credit, she was actually very excited to have me assist her as she took charge in selecting the right pictures from our stash and coming up with a unique way to present them.  THANK GOD!  The paper example sent home showed the pictures side by side, with the year and a short description underneath.  Luckily, both my daughter and I thought that layout was kind of boring (though at this point, I wouldn’t have argued if she happened to love the ease of doing it that way).  So, we started brainstorming ways in which we could lay out the pictures and somehow connect them creatively.

Our first thought was to make it like a road map, but since the paper provided for the project wasn’t that big and we had 7 pictures to incorporate into the timeline, we had to nix that idea.  Then my daughter suggested drawing a vine from picture to picture, on which she would obviously draw flowers (they are learning about plants in science and she can’t get enough of flowers).  I thought this was great because it could represent how, much like a vine, she continued to grow and thrive with each year.  Naturally, since she is 5, she didn’t get that aspect of it, but I found it to be genius (plus she could actively do most of the work herself and she was excited about it!).

So, we ordered reprints of the pictures she had selected for each year and had daddy pick them up from the store so we could get started.  We cut a few down to size so that she had room to draw and attached them with scrapbooking stickers.  I wrote the year and the description so that they wouldn’t take up much room and then she went to town decorating the vines and adding a few other elements of nature wherever she could.


baby to big girl (again, sorry for the poor picture quality – still working on getting camera fixed)

In case you can’t tell from the picture, here’s the events she picked for each year:

*2007 – I was born!

*2008 – My first cousin was born.

*2009 – I loved Cinderella (she was seriously obsessed with Cinderella when she was 2).

*2010 – I became a BIG sister.

*2011 – I was a dancing queen (actually more like fairy princess from the recital pic, but she also loves Mamma Mia, so we went with Dancing Queen).

*2012 – I graduated from Pre-School with my friend, who is currently also in her kindergarten class.

*2013 – I am a soccer star (at least from the shot I got of her kicking the ball).

I must admit that this project had me tearing up a little bit.  I am with my kids ALL OF THE TIME so sometimes I don’t realize how much they are growing right before my eyes. These pictures definitely made me look back and remember how tiny she was and how she seems so grown these days (sometimes a little too grown).

After my initial reaction of horror and dread at the thought of having to do another school project, I quickly changed my tune and really enjoyed the time spent together working with her on this project and that night, when she was finished, we went upstairs and snuggled together until she fell asleep.  My little baby girl is no longer a baby, but I’m glad to know that she still needs her mommy and that we can still have fun together like we always have, even if now some of the fun comes while working on a school project!


5 thoughts on “The Life Timeline Of An Almost 6-Year-Old

  1. Oh man, this had me tearing up…thinking that Bency or really any of my kids could have a timeline! I can’t wrap my mind around how that is possible! That is so awesome! I hope Bency doesn’t get assigned this project at school…I’ll just be one big bawl baby!

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