Making Children Smile

show them some love

show them some love

My passion has always been children’s causes because, as a stay home mom of 3, I spend 99% of my time with my kids.  I have been incredibly blessed with 3 healthy children and it breaks my heart to read of parents who have not been as lucky.  When my son was 5, we worked on a few charitable projects together and started a Facebook Page and blog to help promote other small charities, specifically those involving sick kids.  I quickly learned that one of the easiest ways to help a sick child is to send them mail.  Every parent I have encountered has said that when their child gets mail, it brightens even the worst of days.

As such, we started our “Operation Smile” lists, which we update every few months as we hear of new children who are battling illnesses.  We try to send each child a cheery card and ask others who read our blog to try and do the same.  These cards can be store bought or homemade; they can be personal or generic; they can even be postcards just showing the city where you live (the kids love knowing that there are people all over the United States – and even the world – that are thinking of them and praying for their speedy recovery).

We’ve started off 2013 with a new list and, as it is getting close to Valentine’s Day, we thought we would offer up a special challenge to the readers of this blog, especially since this is something that your kids can help with!  Will you help us send cheerful Valentines to the kids on our list?  And, help us spread the word about Operation Smile?  How great would it be to inundate these brave children with smiles and well wishes in time for Valentine’s Day?!

Please go to our charitable blog to get the newest Operation Smile list and then like us on Facebook to learn about more children as the year progresses.  Each of the children listed also have Facebook pages and you can like those as well to keep up with their journeys.

Thank you in advance for your support of this great cause!  I know the parents appreciate the mail as much, if not more, than the kids!  And, please leave a comment if you are planning on participating (and/or sharing on your blog) so we can thank you personally!

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