Keeping Up The Family Tradition

I was 3 when my step-dad brought my mom and me to Kuhn’s florist to see the Christmas windows display for the first time.  They were dating at the time and he was still trying to impress my mom with his ability to impress me.  Guess what?  It worked because they were married the next year and just celebrated their 28th anniversary.  And, despite the fact that I now live in another city, we haven’t missed a year of going in the last 29 years.  It became our family tradition and we continued it with my children.

It’s basically the same set up each year, but they always change at least one of the windows to give it some new pizzazz.  My older kids remember it from the last few years, but my youngest, who just turned 2 in October was pretty clueless until this year.  He went crazy as soon as we pulled into the parking lot.  He saw the huge talking Santa in the window and started screaming, “Santa! Santa!  I GET OUT NOW!”

taking in the splendor of the biggest window

taking in the splendor of the biggest window

Despite the fact that I knew this meant a few minutes of craziness, I loved that reaction.  And, much like I expected, my baby ran like a psychopath from one window to the next and back, OVER AND OVER AGAIN.  (Luckily, my older two were more calm about the whole process and walked peacefully with my mom from window to window).

I caught him before he ran to the next window!  Look at that cheese!

I caught him before he ran to the next window! Look at that cheese!

While it wasn’t the most fun to chase him around, it was hilarious to watch him being so overwhelmed with joy and it was great to watch my dad laugh at his reaction too.  I wonder if I had the same enthusiasm the first time he saw me watch the “show”?

Now that I have my own kids, I have really learned to appreciate the little things like this and I’m so glad we have continued the tradition through the generations, despite our current geographic distance.  I hope we can keep doing it, even when my kids turn into grumpy teenagers.  Maybe they will be able to do it with their kids, too, and I’ll be the grandma watching in delight, thinking back to the good old days.


2 thoughts on “Keeping Up The Family Tradition

  1. Oh, that is so amazing! What a great tradition and that’s incredible that the florist shop has continued to do it every year for so long too…I’m not insinuating that you’re old though!!!

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