Santa Has a New Name

Here’s a recent conversation I had with my 5-year-old daughter:

Dear Daughter (“DD”): hey, mom?

me: yes?

DD: Did you know that Santa Claus is also called St. Josh in some countries?

me: St. Josh? What country calls him St. Josh?

DD: I don’t remember but on Caillou they said he was called that.

Me: Do you mean St. Nick?

DD: Oh yea, that’s him.  I knew it was something like Josh.

~As if it weren’t already obvious, we need to work on her listening skills.  But, we’re totally changing Santa’s name to Josh.  I like it.~


3 thoughts on “Santa Has a New Name

    • I know – he is so annoying (much like when my kids are whining so perhaps that’s why they are drawn to him). Plus he’s been 4 for like 15 years. Grow up already! 🙂 But I like that I got a story out of the torture that is watching that show! haha!

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