Taking a Mindless Break

the end of a mindless era

This weekend, the last Twilight movie opened.  I freely admit that I have read all of the books and seen all of the movies, but I’m still kind of embarrassed about it.  It makes me feel old because I don’t care about Team Edward or Team Jacob (plus I kind of feel like a perv even thinking about those kids that way) and I just want to have a yearly opportunity to go see something that I don’t have to think about at all.  Yep, it’s mindless entertainment and mommy really needs this every now and then.

I made plans with my reliable comrade/second half of the ‘mindless movie mommy’ duo, with whom I usually see most of these ridiculous movies with and I was pumped to break away from my kids and pretend I wasn’t too old to see the movie.  But, like the actual elderly person that I am, I made sure we saw the first matinée available so that it was half the price of a regular ticket and so that we wouldn’t have to deal with as many hardcore teenage Twihards as they would most likely still be asleep (for this, I am both grateful and jealous).  This is my equivalent of an early bird special (for the record, I also enjoy a good meal at 4:30 and can be counted on to forget what I am saying mid-sentence – totally set for retirement).


Up until this particular opening weekend, my similar planning strategies have been awesome.  We never have to wait, seats are great, etc.

This time, however, lots of little children had pre-ordered tickets and shown up way too early to gather in line outside of the still closed theater.  It made me nervous to watch the ‘pre-order’ line growing as I waited to buy spur-of-the-moment tickets…with cash…from a live person, much like we used to in the good old days (I did not bring a bag of change so I’m not THAT kind of old person, luckily).  I also noticed that there were approx. 4 people working at the theater so I was internally weighing my options, going back and forth between rushing to get a good seat for me and my friend, stealing a moment to make sure my bladder was completely empty, or giving into my stomach growls and taking a chance on the insanely priced concessions.  Once I finally bought the tickets, I noticed that the huge line of people had already rushed into the theater rather than purchase food, so I decided to take advantage of the short concession lines.  I figured if I was going to have to watch the movie from a bad seat, I was at least going to do it with some really greasy popcorn and a humongous coke.

It turned out that my fears were unwarranted, however, as the theater was much larger than the crowd waiting outside, so we actually ended up in perfectly acceptable seats and we were able to enjoy our yummy treats.

breakfast of champions

Should I have been eating a large popcorn, guzzling a large coke and sneaking in a large bag of white chocolate peppermint m&ms to create the perfect salty/sweet combo at 10 in the morning?  no way; but that’s exactly what I did and it felt AWESOME!  For 3 glorious hours I wasn’t mommy waiting on everyone else’s needs.  I was on a non-mom “date” with my friend and I had no cares in the world other than finding out what a half-vampire/half-human baby looks like and whether or not the world survives.  (For the record, the CGI baby they used looked extremely creepy and it made me miss my own children whom I find to be much more adorable – at least they seem more adorable from where I was quietly sitting in the movie theater completely oblivious to the fighting, soiling of diapers, trashing of home and/or sounds of daddy pulling what little is left of his hair out).

The point of all this is that I rarely have these moments.  99% of my life is spent with at least one, and most likely 3, kids in tow and I am merely mommy.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  Being “just” mommy is really an awesome thing at times and I don’t regret that this is my main priority right now. But, sometimes it is so easy to forget that I am also just me and I need to take care of that part occasionally, too!

I’ll need to schedule another one of these in the near future

Today, I got to do just that and then I was able to come home and share a fun meal with my older two and a mini outing with my little one.  I felt refreshed enough to handle it all today!  I guess I am now going to have to find some other stupid YA novel/series to attach myself to since I am finally out of Twilight and Harry Potter options.  Ball is in your court Hunger Games: Catching Fire.  🙂

I promise I really do feel this way 99% of the time 🙂


6 thoughts on “Taking a Mindless Break

  1. I need to print this off & hand this to anyone else who hassles me about my plans to see this 😉 I’m still in search of my next trashy series that doesn’t include 50 shades of anything. Fun post.

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