Fun Friday – A Day At The Corn Maze

Last weekend, I packed up the kids and drove to a little town not too far from our “big” city.  A friend of ours had discovered a small family farm that was hosting its first corn maze this year and we were curious to check it out.  It was a fantastic place; small enough to not completely wear the kids down, but with enough activities to keep them occupied for a significant amount of time!  The only activity that cost money was the actual corn maze and it was a very minimal cost (not to mention that kids 5 and under were FREE)!  Every member of the family who ran the farm was extremely nice and so accommodating (which is important when you are dragging around 3 kids who all want to run in different directions). Needless to say, we had a great time at Aunt Louise’s farm!

We arrived at the farm and the kids weren’t sure what to expect, but the following sight at the entrance made them laugh and they were ready to face the maze!

Standing by the hay bale and ready to enter the maze (notice my youngest is missing as he had already run away from this photo-op in an attempt to find the animals)

We finally corralled baby brother, paid for our admission, and made our way into the maze.

heading into the corn maze, hand in hand (definitely a moment to capture)

I was busy keeping everyone going in the maze so I didn’t get any good pictures, but the kids had a blast and were able to navigate it fairly easily with only a few missteps before we finally emerged unscathed!  We then headed over to the play area.

Who needs a sandbox when you have a tractor tire full of corn?!

The kids loved playing in the tire of corn and didn’t really want to get out.  But I eventually managed to haul everyone out of the corn kernels and we headed over to see the animals.  There were rabbits, chickens, goats, and cows.  We saw the matriarch of the farm collect the eggs from the chickens (my older son finally realized that the eggs she took weren’t fertilized – this involved a pretty funny conversation regarding which eggs will turn into chickens and which are just eggs like we can get at the store); we saw a large white dog which my youngest called a sheep (it really did look like a sheep so I was pretty proud that he was finally able to start identifying farm animals, regardless of it he gets it right every time); we heard a cow but I didn’t see it until my sweet and smart baby finally pointed it out to me (it was right in front of me, beside the goats, DUH).

He found the cow that mommy couldn’t see! (and the goats, Oreo and Chip)

The baby seemed to have a fascination with the rabbits, or should I say, the rabbit cages, and he attempted to climb right in with them.  When he realized that he wouldn’t fit (and that he wasn’t allowed to climb into the cage), he started practicing the lost art of opening and closing the cage door.  That was fun.  Here’s where the farm owners’ calm and easy manner really came in handy because they were completely patient and understanding about my son’s weird fascinations.

He finally got tired of doing that and actually reached in to “gently” pet the bunnies.  No animals were harmed.  Whew.

checking out the bunnies once he got tired of playing with the cage

Then we headed over to where the tractor-pulled barrel train was located.  ‘Aunt Louise’s’ son came over to drive us around and we all climbed into the barrels.  It was a nice little ride around the farm and the corn maze.  We ended up going on the train an extra time later on in the visit, too, because the farm wasn’t busy while we were there (and probably because my daughter’s incessant pleading/whining was either tugging on the motherly heartstrings of ‘Aunt Louise’ – certainly not tugging on mine at that point – or because ‘Aunt Louise’ just wanted to shut her up; either way, we got to do it twice and it was fun both times).

big kids smiling from the first barrel car of the train!  They wanted to sit in the front, which they thought was a good choice, until they realized how much dirt flies around behind a tractor.  It was still fun but we were all quite dirty after that!

little one holding on for dear life while checking out the sights of the farm – he was a little scared in the beginning, but by the end, he was laughing hysterically

mommy and her not so little baby riding on the train (yes, I fit my big butt into the seat with him because I was not about to let him jump out halfway around the farm, something I am sure he was contemplating from the moment he got in)

Afterward, as a special treat, we headed to the snack stand and I got each kid a sno cone to enjoy before we headed home (btw, very grateful for the sink and soap that was so nicely set up for us to use, knowing how dirty our hands would be!).  I bought myself some boiled peanuts and a coke (aka, Southern snack awesomeness) as a reward for getting down and dirty with the kids – totally worth it. 🙂

enjoying a snow cone as you can only do in Florida where it can still be in the 80s in November.  Big brother was not happy because I made him sit down to eat it so his smile is forced, whereas sister was really excited! (baby brother had already dropped his on the ground approx. 2 seconds after getting it so he went back to the corn pit while they finished eating)

What sno cone? I just want to throw some corn around

We then made the quick drive home where I promptly shoved all 3 kids into the tub because, at that point, they all looked like they had been down in the coal mines.  Clearly, it was a good day!  We certainly hope that Aunt Louise’s farm will be open again next year because we would love to have our visit to the corn maze become a new family tradition!


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