You Never Know….

This weekend, I had the great pleasure of watching my youngest son transform into the spawn of satan.  I don’t know what was going on but Saturday morning he woke up in rare form and continued to act like a monster throughout the entire day.  If my daughter hadn’t had cheerleading camp that day, I might have been able to deal with it better as I could have just stayed at home, but since my older son had another event at the same time which my toddler could NOT attend, I had no choice but to drag him along with me and unwillingly unleash the beast among the wild elementary girls who just wanted to Fight Fight Fight and show off their spirit fingers.  When I describe his actions as horrid, annoying, exhausting, etc., I am not joking in the slightest.  I didn’t even recognize him as my own (although everyone else did since I was chasing along after him in a very defeated manner – I still try even when my efforts seem, and apparently actually are, quite useless).

Over the last few months he has gone from being the sweetest and happiest baby on the planet to being the epitome of what parents fear as their child approaches the terrible twos.  What made this particular day special was that his random epic meltdown lasted ALL DAY instead of just in spurts.  He screamed and threw himself on the ground on numerous occasions as I tried to corral him quietly, he caused me to rip a hole in the butt pocket of my favorite jeans as I tumbled over in a tremendous effort to keep him from leaping off of a pile of chairs, and he snuck out of my kung fu grip long enough to crash the dance floor when the girls were performing to a wretched One Direction song. (insert apology to my mom for torturing her back in the day with N’Sync and Backstreet Boys melodies as I am now feeling the karma in a big way….I would also include New Kids On The Block on my torture list but I think my mom secretly liked Hangin’ Tough with me).  Needless to say, he won’t be attending the football game on Friday so that I might actually be able to sit still and watch my poor uncoordinated child attempt to keep up with the high schoolers and One Direction.

Then, we wake up on Sunday, way too early because children don’t understand that turning the clocks back should mean extra sleep, and he just wants to lay beside me and have a nice, long conversation.  I didn’t understand most of the conversation since he doesn’t always speak English when we have our chats, but it was very sweet, nonetheless. We did some more snuggling, he allowed me to drink a whole cup of coffee without having to reheat it (A MIRACLE), we did some Gangnam Style dancing, he gave me tons of random hugs and kisses, said thank you each time I refilled his sippy cup or gave him a snack, and we even had a nice trip to the store where he sat completely still in the cart, just smiling and saying hello to everyone as we passed down the aisles.  That was the sweet boy I have been used to!  But, of course, none of the irritated parents from cheerleading camp got the opportunity to see that side of my devil angel.

I am hoping the crazy that he displayed in full force at the 3 hour cheerleading camp will not present itself again, or at least just do it in smaller packages in the future!  Every first time parent thinks the newborn phase is the hardest thing they have ever done (I did with my first)….until they reach the toddler phase, which is when we all secretly (or not so secretly, as is the case with me) wish we could have just 1 day of reverting back to the newborn  time so that we have a kid that sits completely still, takes multiple naps, doesn’t talk back and is entertained by sitting and watching you clean the bathtub.  Ah, the good old days.

Moral of the story: don’t judge a parent by their crazy toddler…at least not to his/her face (talking to you mom who kept giving me dirty looks while you were on your cell phone smoking and not noticing that your own daughter was busy showing the rest of 1st grade how she could burp the alphabet – CLASSY!)  It’s a tough job keeping those critters in check so let’s support each other and continue to laugh at the numerous ways our children can embarrass us on a daily basis (and revel in the sweet things they can do too, even if they only do these sweet things when there are no witnesses)!  🙂


4 thoughts on “You Never Know….

  1. Hahahahaha!! You always make me laugh! I guess I’ll be revisited by those days soon enough, but I’ll be sure to enjoy the newborn phase with full force!!

  2. I know we’re not supposed to say it on the hop, but I’ve written a similar post 😉 I swear I’m not a blog hole! I feel your pain girl! It’s a wonder both parents and children make it out of the toddler years alive! What a fun read! Glad to have found your blog!

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