Semi-Homemade Lorax Birthday

As promised, here’s what we came up with as party favors for the “Lorax” party – please keep in mind that I waited until 2 weeks before the party to really think about this and I live in a small city that never has anything that I want or need for birthday party purposes.  I actually think we did pretty good coming up with stuff thanks to the internet, even if the goodies weren’t perfect or exactly what I envisioned 🙂

Lorax mustache silly straws

I printed these mustaches from this great website.  It was so easy to use, even for a pretty technologically-challenged person such as myself!  They have other Lorax-themed printables and links to pages with more as well, if you are thinking of having a Lorax party in the future and you have more than 30 minutes to plan it!

Bar-ba-loot trail mix

Having watched the movie approximately 3 billion times with my youngest son (who, sadly, can actually quote parts of the movie – amazing for a kid who can barely talk), I know the little bears in the movie are called Bar-ba-loots and I know that they love to eat marshmallows.  Now, others less knowledgeable of all things Lorax-related probably don’t, but since I needed something easy to use as another gift that was still kid-appropriate, I made a mixture of chocolate teddy grahams and mini marshmallows and called it Bar-ba-loot trail mix.  Yeah.  I am a genius (or so I thought until I was searching for one more idea and saw that some other creative mom apparently thought of it first – but since I didn’t technically steal her idea, I’m still going to go with my “I’m such a creative genius” thought).

Dr. Seuss-ish fuzzy socks

The last thing we gave was a pair of fuzzy socks that reminded me of something from a Dr. Seuss book.  They were also fuzzy like the “thneed” from the book and since I couldn’t actually reproduce a truffula tree or a thneed, we handed out these socks and called them thneeds because I thought it was clever.  Probably not that clever in retrospect, but I knew that these could also come in handy in case anyone forgot their socks for the bouncy houses.  That’s the mom brain doing double-duty and trying to be fun and yet, still practical.  Now, they weren’t the most well-made socks, but they were so cute that I couldn’t pass them up and all of the older kids got toe socks so that made them more whimsical (or psychotic) like a Dr. Seuss party favorshould be.  (Sidenote: my older son thought they were gloves at first because he had never seen toe socks before, so he wore them on his hands.  Awesome.)

When it came time to figure out what to do for the cake, I quickly realized that there was not much I could do as far as the Lorax theme.  Nobody had Lorax cakes!  Again, here’s a kid that likes something off the normal “kid” path.  (I do love that my kids are somewhat original in their party theme choices because I like them to be unique in this very cookie cutter world, but it wouldn’t hurt to pick something normal for once so I can just order a regular cake from the grocery store and call it a day!)

I wanted to try to make truffula tree cake pops like Bakerella did, but at the last second, I chickened out because I didn’t want to try and then fail and get stressed out (which is what usually happens when I attempt to “bake” things).  So, I decided to buy the orange funfetti cake mix and frosting that is currently available because of Halloween and just make regular cupcakes with printable toppers (also found on the aforementioned great website).

Lorax Cupcake Toppers

These are the example cupcakes. Ours were neither iced that beautifully, nor were the toppers so perfectly round. That’s what makes ours “unique”.

I realized when I went to print the toppers that I didn’t have any card stock left so I ended up just using regular paper and attempting to cut matching circles out of the sticky foam that I had left over from our recent wheel of fortune projects.  That made them, um, special (code for slightly funky, yet colorful).  Yeah.  And, I let my older kids ice the cupcakes themselves because they wanted to “help”.  This also added to the funky element but at least I could blame that part on them!

not a great picture of the special cupcakes so you can’t see the funkiness up close, but they were still tasty and that’s worth something, I guess

So, there you have it.  Not my proudest moment in party favors or cupcakes, but they seemed to work and I didn’t have to stress out about them too much!  Always a plus! 🙂

“It’s not about what it is, it’s about what it can become.”
― Dr. SeussThe Lorax

7 thoughts on “Semi-Homemade Lorax Birthday

  1. I think you nailed it with the Lorax quote on the end. Great job improvising and making a very cool birthday. And in the end, your kids will be happy no matter what. They won’t care if you had the absolutely most perfect decorations or not. Heck, I was excited about just a birthday cake as a kid. If I had asked for a theme, my mother of 12 mom would’ve just rolled her eyes and went back to the laundry.

    Love the Lorax mustache straws. Creative genius!

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