A Third 2nd Birthday

Last year, I combined my baby’s first birthday with my son’s 6th birthday (meaning that I bought my son a smashable cake and we added his name to the birthday song at the party; we also made some cupcakes and gave him a birthday shirt on his actual birthday – we like to go all out, clearly).  I knew that he wouldn’t know he was being deprived and it just made more sense than planning a whole party for him when we really didn’t have many other “baby” friends at that time anyway.

This year, we could have done the same thing because at 2 he still wouldn’t know much about birthdays, but I felt bad since I already did the combo last year so we tried to put together a quick party for just a few friends and family.  Seeing as though my boys’ birthdays are less than 3 weeks apart, I didn’t actually start to think about my 2-year-old’s birthday until after my older son’s party, which is rare for me because I usually like to plan things way in advance!  Anyhow, much like the plans for my older son’s party a few weeks ago, I knew I couldn’t do anything other than pick a place and get a cake and favors, so we booked a table at a local bouncy house place and I extended email invitations to 4 other families.  Nope, I didn’t even get real invitations or decorations.  So sad.  But there it is. Still better than last year, although I am the first to admit that the bar had been set pretty low.

My “baby” is obsessed with the Lorax right now so I knew that I had to somehow create some favors and cake with that theme.  I will write separately about that because finding “Lorax-themed” items other than large books is quite difficult so I had to improvise in my usual scatterbrained way! 🙂  Anyhow, each family invited was able to come and as the families included some older children as well, my older kids had playmates too.

The bouncy house location had changed slightly since the last time we attempted to take our little family there so there was no longer a baby bouncy house like I was expecting.  This turned out to be ok (though disappointing) because they did still have a 3 and under house, a few houses with easy access for parents to “rescue” their children,

bouncing with big brother

Bouncing over to say hi to mommy

When he realized he was “stuck” in the bouncy house and needed to be rescued

a few rides,

riding in the jeep with a friend

a little climbing playhouse,

running through the maze to find big sister

a slide,

big sister finally getting into it!

and a few other games, like skee-ball and air hockey!

learning to roll the ball instead of hurl it

big brother in an intense game of air hockey

(not to mention aisles to run down like a psychotic chimp – this comment directed toward my crazy birthday boy who did just that).

After tiring themselves out for the first hour, we headed to the tables and had some pizza and cupcakes.

time for the food

When it came time to light the candle and sing Happy Birthday, my little monster decided he would have a spontaneous meltdown.  I had been waiting for this moment and he did not disappoint.  Here’s my boy “basking” in the glow of his 2nd birthday party while my husband tries to show him the cupcake and candle, clearly doing his best to burn the joint down with his balancing act.

who wants to sit still for a cupcake and the birthday song when you can just scream?

In the end, I think everyone ended up having fun, even though it was pretty hectic.  I just know that we made the right call by having a special party for my 2 year old.  Here’s how he said, ‘thank you’ for our efforts.

Too much partying will wear a kid out – and I love it!

Absolutely thrilled to be able to do it all again next year….but will definitely start planning in July!

2 thoughts on “A Third 2nd Birthday

  1. How did I miss this post??? I just saw it show up on Facebook and came to see it was posted on the 22nd? Anyway, this is absolutely hilarious!! I love how our kids blow the “big” moments!! And yes, that is especially sweet that he fell asleep for you!! That’s when you know it was a huge hit!!

    • I actually wrote it on the 22nd but I didn’t have the pictures on my computer to go with it then so it just posted today 🙂 The screaming during the actual “birthday” part was par for the course and of course the classic go-to move for my kids. At this point, I just keep taking the pictures so when they have kids that do these things to them, I can point out where the children got it from! 🙂

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