Boxers or Briefs?

My oldest son recently experienced a growth spurt.  This required some new pants, shorts, shirts, socks and shoes.  I managed to somehow forget that underwear should also be included on the list of things to get.  Then, one morning last week, he walked out of the bathroom in nothing but his character-themed tighty-whiteys.

It was obvious that the elastic was too tight and his cute little buns were practically hanging out!  How in the world did I miss this?  And how did the, um, “squishing”, not bother him?!  I knew I had to get him a bigger size ASAP!  I asked him what he wanted (a specific character, plain, etc.) and he said he liked his solid colored briefs (because apparently he is too grown to continue wearing Toy Story – sniff, sniff) but he would also like to try boxers because that’s what daddy wears.

Now, I might be stupid naive, but I didn’t even realize that stores carried boxers that small!  Turns out, they do and in all sorts of patterns such as “Scottish Pride” plaids, “Skater Boy” skulls, and themes like the characters of the moment, “Angry Birds”.  I went with the plaid partly because I am part Scottish but mostly because they seemed safest and least likely to be shown off at school. I then added an additional pack of solid briefs to the cart and headed to checkout.

When my son got home from school that day, I showed him my purchases and when he saw the boxers, his response was, “they look like shorts!”  Well, DUH!  What was he expecting? He’s seen daddy’s and they look the same.  He sat and stared at them for a minute and then asked me what the point was of wearing shorts under shorts?!  My poor practical boy.

In my all-knowing mom voice, I tried to explain the pros and cons of boxers, briefs and the hybrid boxer-briefs.  It’s always fun to hear myself come up with kid-friendly, yet completely ridiculous ways to discuss these things, especially since this particular topic clearly isn’t my area of expertise.  It’s basically the equivalent of daddy trying to explain to my daughter the differences between thongs, bikinis and hipsters. (Side note: that is totally a conversation I would love to hear my husband attempt!)

I guess I did an acceptable job of explaining things because he put on his, ‘I’m pondering it’ face and finally made the executive decision to stick to briefs and boxer-briefs because they just “make more sense” than wearing shorts under shorts.

I know his choices will change as he gets older, but for now, I am so glad we took the boxers back!  I like the little undies, even without the characters, because they represent that he is still a little boy and I need him to stay that way for a little longer!  I have noticed that he does seem to prefer the neon camouflage boxer-briefs (which he picked out) as he has taken to walking around the house in just those and a t-shirt like some creepy, couldn’t care less, man-boy on a bad tv sitcom; but for now, since he’s still my boy, it’s pretty cute (as long as he isn’t showing them off at school!)

As for my other two kids, I am hoping to keep my daughter from discovering her options and keep her in those granny panties for many years to come!  And hopefully, my baby boy will decide to come and join the world of character underwear VERY soon, otherwise he may end up in Depends!


6 thoughts on “Boxers or Briefs?

  1. OMG!!! I never even thought about the whole underwear deal and the sadness it will be to see the character undies go away! My daughter who is the same age as your son is still totally fine with the granny panties donned with My Little Pony and Little Mermaid…it didn’t even occur to me that other suggestions may just be around the corner!!! LOL!!

  2. I will be a complete wreck when it comes time for my girl to have a choice (which won’t be any time soon – that may be a double standard on my part, but I’m fairly certain it’s warranted)! I searched the girls department just to see what was there and while they don’t have mini thongs (kind of redundant, I guess) they do have bikini and low rise in size Small. That makes me so sad because 6-8 year old little girls don’t need to be worried about that! They need to still like My Little Pony and Disney Princesses! Don’t know why those manufacturers want our kids growing up so quickly! Let them stay little and innocent as long as possible!

  3. Love your observations…it’s the crazy things that you never really about when you become a parent…the unspoken milestone of losing the character underwear. My six-year-old hates the granny panties from her grandma, because she has to roll them down so they don’t stick out of her pants. We buy the bikini cut, which is fine by me…I don’t like my belly button covered by underwear, either. But that is a long way off from the day when she might ask for the T word…thong. Gulp.

    • I’m sure my 5 year old will reach the point where she notices that her underwear hangs out of her pants soon, but I am praying she stays oblivious! haha! She hates wedgies though so I think that’s why she’s still comfortable in the full coverage (and then some) granny panties! 🙂

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