Putting The World Together

As I have mentioned, my oldest son just turned 7 and his latest obsession is anything space-related.  As such, he was very excited to receive a solar system kit and a puzzle of the earth as seen from the “space view” as a birthday present from his little brother and sister.

He was even nice enough to let his little sister help him put together the puzzle (but not the planetarium or the solar system model – hey, allowing her to touch one out of three is considered a success at this point).

searching for the right pieces

working together on this project (a miracle captured on film or disc or whatever is in a digital camera)

the finished project, Earth and the moon! (and as I helped them with this, I can attest to the fact that a circular puzzle is much harder than a regular puzzle!)

Once the puzzle was complete, big brother wanted to put together his new model of the solar system and mini planetarium.  This was a lot of fun as each planet was tiny and shaped like a ball, therefore little brother assumed he should try to steal each piece (and then scream when he wasn’t allowed to run away).  Good times.

We finally got everything together without losing any pieces (yet) and here the birthday boy is, ready for bed and hoarding his stash.

OOOOOHHH, AAAAAHHHH – the planets actually revolve around the sun individually on their own orbit path but when we tried to take a picture of that, it looked weird so he just pushed them back into line order

Each time I stare at a new picture of the planets, I am saddened that Pluto is no longer included.  I mean, Pluto and I were together all through my childhood and schooling.  So, this particular set made my day when I discovered that it had included a teeny tiny little ball on the outskirts of the universe that was meant to be Pluto, with the disclaimer that it was only a dwarf planet now.  I’ll take it.  Welcome back, Pluto.  (if you look closely right by his hand, you can see what looks like a freckle – that’s Pluto)

Then we headed upstairs to set up the planetarium.  It was not of great quality – hey, it was purchased because I had a coupon, don’t judge – but he was very excited to check out the Northern Hemisphere the first night and the Southern Hemisphere the next night.  A point to anyone who can locate the big and little dippers (for the record, I still can’t and the constellation locator map was right in front of me).

planetarium stars mixed in with his glow in the dark stars

He ended up really enjoying his presents and the process of playing with everything/putting everything together actually turned out to be fun for the whole family!  Who knew? 🙂

**It only took 2 days for the planetarium to need new batteries.  Thank God the solar system stands on its own….at least until my baby gets a hold of it**


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