Help A Sister Out

Last night I witnessed a very rare occurrence: big brother helping little sister in a VERY big way.  Let me preface this story by saying that lately, all my 2 older kids do is FIGHT; about everything; no reason needed and no explanation given.  Needless to say, I am spent playing referee these days.  So when I see some form of kindness in action, it is important to document it.  However, I never in a million years expected the “help” that was given last night to take place.

The scene: at the gym waiting for sister’s gymnastics class to begin.

The issue: sister is in between leotard sizes.  Extra Small is starting to get too small, but Small is still too big in the crotch area, so we have a dilemma.  Obviously if put in the bigger size, we will have a little Lindsey Lohan, showing her girly bits off to the world at much too young of an age – this is a recurring nightmare that mom has.  And, if put in the bigger size while wearing her undergarments, all that can be seen is the colorful granny panties hanging out while she shoves them back up her butt to avoid embarrassment.  Also not great.  So, the executive decision was made to just keep her in the smaller leotard for a few more weeks while she grows a bit more, even though the XS rides up her butt more than she would like.

The “help”: big brother had accompanied little sister to class and was waiting with her as she prepared to go into the Kindergarten gym (mom was nearby observing all of the craziness that goes along with 5-year-old kids and gyms).  Said leotard was already starting to creep into sister’s crack and she whispered to big brother that she had a wedgie and needed to get it out.  This made mom snort (while other parents looked at her like she was crazy) because sister has never been shy about picking wedgies in public.

Mom then watched as big brother whispered something inaudible to little sister and observed him give her a quick shoulder hug and then slowly, yet not so discreetly, move his hand to her rear and pick her wedgie for her as if that’s just what you do for family.  At that point, half the crowd started snickering, but brother and sister were oblivious to the fact that everyone had seen the incident and they high-fived each other in victory at their supposed ruse.

This was disturbing, yet beautiful, at the same time.  Part of mom wanted to run over and scream, “please don’t pick your sister’s butt!” while the other part wanted to run over and give brother a huge hug for taking care of sister’s issues.  To save face, mom pretended those weren’t her kids, and stayed back doing some embarrassed chuckling with the rest of the crowd while fervently texting the happenings to husband, sister and mother.

As a mother, this was both one of my proudest moments and one of the most embarrassing.  I learned that despite the constant fighting, they really do love each other when it comes down to hardcore things such as wedgie picking (you know, the important things in life that really matter) and I learned that there really was no limit to how gross my kids can be.  Luckily, my sister put it in perspective for me (as sisters should)…..

Photo: Dinner with my lil man and my parents should make this stupid day better! :)

….I did not allow her to pick my wedgie for me, though.


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