Words On A Wednesday

Ok, ordinarily I do the Wordless Wednesday thing each week, but no picture could describe the actual conversation that went down in my house earlier this week, so I’m going to use my words today and re-enact the scene.

Setting: our living room after a very unsettling fight club encounter disagreement between my two older children.  I asked my husband to referee this time because I was spent.  The kids were placed on opposite couches awaiting the words of wisdom from dad.  Here’s how that went:

Husband to my older son: You need to leave your sister alone.  You can do anything else you want to do, just DON’T MESS WITH HER!

Son’s response: But Dad, there’s nothing else to do but mess with her!

Husband shakes his head and attempts to get the point across to daughter instead: You, don’t bother your brother anymore.  Just stay away from him.  Don’t even look at him.

Daughter: Ok, Dad, I’ll try but…..(she shrugs as if she is helpless to predict what might occur once they are let out of their respective corners).

Husband: Well, you both heard what I said (and then he moves on to other things because clearly they both understand the importance of not beating up your siblings).

I’m proud to say that this discussion worked for a full 5 minutes before I had to step in and impose the worst sanctions possible: showing affection to one another.  The horror!

pretending to show the love – true corporal punishment

I find it quite ironic that the ONE thing my kids could agree on at that moment was that picking on each other was what they needed to do, regardless of the consequences….SERIOUSLY KIDS?!  The good news is that by the end of the night, they were hugging as though they actually loved each other.  If only that would last!

that’s my boy on the end of the bench with his arm voluntarily around his sister….what happened to those kids? 🙂


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