Tooth Fairy Fun

When my older son got his first baby teeth at 5 months old, I was surprised.  When he got 4 more on the day he turned 6 months old, I was SHOCKED!  And, naturally, I assumed that he would lose his baby teeth somewhere around 3 since they came in so early.  This was not to be.  We found ourselves approaching his 7th birthday and he had still not lost any teeth.  He had, however, started growing the permanent teeth behind the bottom baby teeth.  Fantastic.  I called up the dentist and she gave the teeth 30 days to evacuate the premises before she evicted them.

I fed him tons of hard foods and we both took turns wiggling the crap out of those teeth.  Nothing but a little “watch me stay right where I am” movement.  So, earlier this week, we found ourselves back at the dentist for the tooth extermination.  One of the teeth was almost out and had I really thought about the price difference between me yanking the bad boy out vs. the dental assistant doing it, I would have probably sat on my son’s head and done it the old fashioned way.  Darn my sympathetic heart that wouldn’t allow myself to “cause him pain”.  So stupid.  The other tooth wouldn’t budge so the dentist had to vacuum it out.  VACUUM!  Who knew?  Wonder if my Bissel would have done the trick?

yep, going here next time.

Anyhow, since we knew the day was coming, my son wanted to make a place for the Toothfairy to place his ‘hard-earned’ money.  We searched online but both of us were a little too lazy to go all out this time so we then decided just to find something we already had at the house and spruce it up a bit.  We found some plastic harmonica cases that the kids never use because it would be too much to actually reinsert the harmonicas into their proper place once the torturous beautiful music was over.  We had 3 so we were able to make one for each kid, even though my younger son shouldn’t need one for at least 3 more years.

the plain harmonica case

They each chose a small scrap of paper to add to the bottom of the case.

planets for my son and rainbows for my daughter (the baby got cars, but I forgot to take a picture)

The we cut out our version of a tooth (for the record, I did go to Michaels to look for teeth stickers so that the boxes could be more authentic, but alas, there were no teeth to be found so we had to just draw some ourselves; they’re slightly funky, but it works anyway) and we added their names with “fancy” letter stickers.

professional looking, as always

It wasn’t the prettiest product or the most ingenious idea, but the kids liked it, we didn’t have to spend any money and it only took a few minutes!  Now that’s my kind of project!

That night we placed the tooth box, the money box and a note to the Toothfairy explaining what happened to the 2nd tooth, under his pillow and waited for morning.Now, I asked around about what the going rate for the Toothfairy was these days and got a bunch of different answers.  And, while I would love to be able to pay my kids a ton of money for their multiple chompers, I had to set a realistic expectation for the future, knowing that I had 3 mouths preparing to lose teeth (not to mention that the first two teeth lost weren’t really lost so I had to pay a fortune to the dentist in addition to the Toothfairy fee).  So, we went with $1 per tooth (which is all he was expecting anyway), plus an extra for being brave at the dentist’s office.  And, since my son is fascinated with interesting money, I went to the bank and got a $2 bill and a gold $1 coin as his payment.  Obviously the Toothfairy wouldn’t carry regular money! Duh!  The plan was a success and he was very excited to see that he got even more than he asked for in his note!

yeah for “cool” money

It was fun to see him so excited, but he better be losing his future teeth for free or this Toothfairy might be leaving him IOUs next time! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Tooth Fairy Fun

  1. My daughter had to have her front teeth pulled out by the dentist as well! This was the first time I had ever heard of this but the more I talk to people the more I’m hearing about this! What’s going on with kid’s teeth these days?!!!! haha!! Love their tooth fairy box!!! Right up my alley!

  2. Cute idea for the “tooth boxes” Courtney! Where did you find the harmonicas at? My oldest has a loose tooth as we speak, so i’m up for ideas 🙂

    • My mother in law actually gave those to my kids, but I think she got them at Michaels, probably on the “fun finds” aisle where they have all the random kids’ stuff. I have also seen people use tic tac boxes or mint tins because they are good sizes for teeth too! Good luck! 🙂

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