Fun At The Science Center

A few weeks ago while on vacation with my husband’s family in west Florida, we went to the Emerald Coast Science Center.  I love finding little local gems like these when we travel because it’s not your average tourist stop and the kids have a chance to learn in a fun way (and they offered discount coupons so that made the trip extremely affordable, even for our large crew of 7).  This particular outing gave me a unique opportunity to observe each of my kids and reflect on their specific areas of enjoyment based on their individual ages and personalities.

My oldest son is almost 7, but his mind is years ahead of his little body (I sometimes think he is really an 80-year-old man).  He LOVES to learn about anything so he was totally in his element and carefully took in all of the exhibits.

learning about gears

magnets and reflections

Whereas my 5-year-old daughter is more interested in the artistic and social aspects of life and less about the educational part.

she set up her own “healthy food” restaurant and invited us to come and dine with her

showing everyone how she can see like a bug

Then there’s my almost 2-year-old who is just happy to be out and about so he insists on sprinting from exhibit to exhibit in a euphoric stupor, much like a mental patient recently released from his padded cell (or in his case, the dreaded stroller).

dumping out the healthy foods and wearing the basket as a hat….purely scientific

examining the giant BUBBLES!

To say that an adventure of this sort is hectic is an understatement.  It takes great patience and skill (both of which I often find myself lacking these days) to accommodate all of our crazy kids and their interests at one time so we were very glad to have 2 extra pairs of hands in the form of grandma and aunt R. to help make sure everyone got a chance to experience the Science Center to the fullest.

time out to experiment with grandma and aunt R.

And, despite the stressful nature of any outing with 3 young kids, we had a great time and can’t wait for another fun adventure to come our way soon!


3 thoughts on “Fun At The Science Center

  1. Our kids are exactly the same ages!! We’re in the same boat and it is interesting to see the differences is likes and personalities…much like a science experiment in it’s own….but so fun!

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