Dancing Our Cares Away

dancing machine

Well, after a week off for a quick family vacation, we returned home yesterday to the usual chaos.  The house looks like a hurricane hit it thanks to the “help” my kids offered when it came time to unpack. Those same helpful kids were literally swimming in the piles of laundry making it unable for me to distinguish between the clean and dirty clothes.  Luckily I love to do laundry; it’s my most favorite thing in the world; I am blessed with mountains of it daily and my critters know how to add to it. Fun.

I was not ready to deal with the mess just yet so I made the executive decision to ignore it for one more day and allow them to continue swimming.  It’s insanity, I know, but let’s face it, vacations are exhausting, especially with 3 kids in tow.  In an effort to successfully ignore the disaster zone that is my house, I decided to take my daughter to JC Penney in order to take advantage of the free back to school haircut offer.  She just needed a trim and it would get us out of the house away from the craziness of returning home from vacation.  Brilliant.

When we arrived at the mall, I decided it would be best to park upstairs where the salon was located so that we wouldn’t have to walk through the girls department where my daughter would no doubt get lost in a sea of sparkly dresses, pleading with me to buy her one (or seven) as if she has been dressed in complete rags for her entire life (she’s a bit dramatic if you haven’t gotten that by now).  This was a great plan, pat on the back for being such a smart mother….

….Now a smack to the head for being a forgetful mother who made the mistake of parking at the entrance by Sephora (cut to me dragging her through the stands of colorful eye shadow which she insists is meant for eye brows and away from the $35 Hello Kitty mirror that is apparently this season’s must have item).  God help me when she gets old enough to wear makeup.  As we finally exited the Sephora area, I glanced over at her downtrodden face, obviously devastated by my refusal to allow her to indulge in an impromptu makeover.  I am clearly the meanest mother in the whole wide world.  I get it.

Then, just as I saw her sinking into the depths of despair, I heard the magical voice of a young Michael Jackson singing, “Wanna Be Starting Something” and in a flash she regained that mischievous gleam in her eyes.  She let go of my hand and stopped to pose with her hands on her hips.  I mentally prepared myself for whatever was coming from my little devil angel.  She stood still for a moment and I was about to ask her what in the world she was doing when suddenly, right on cue with the “Ma Ma Se, Ma Ma Sa, Ma Ma Coo Sa,” she began to dance like a maniac down the main aisle.  Heads were turning, folks were giggling, one old lady with a walker proceeded to dance along side of her in an obvious attempt to start a Conga line.  Apparently, all it takes is a “runway,” a good song and a few pairs of eyes on my girl to make her forget her blues.

She continued to dance (and forced me to join her as I no longer have any shame) until we were finally called back for her haircut…20 MINUTES after our appointment time (at which point I had started to think that I should have just stayed home and done some laundry).  Thank God for long aisles and dance music when you are waiting somewhere with a busy 5-year-old!  Our luck with outings has not improved much post vacation, but at least the dancing was fun and the haircut eventually took place for free!  It was a THRILLER…wink, wink.


2 thoughts on “Dancing Our Cares Away

  1. You have to love kids. They do bring a smile to your heart. I sometimes will do that when we all are feeling down. I call it FamJam. 🙂

    I really like your blog. Check mine out when you have a chance, though it is about grownups. The most current post is a response to the one before but…well it is all linked. If you do I hope you laugh. If you don’t thanks for sharing yours. You had me laughing.

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