Go Noles…From Afar

Well, we are getting ready to head out of town for the week to see my husband’s family before school begins, so our family will be missing the annual trip to FSU Fan Day.  My husband and I started going when we were dating and all of our kids have since joined in on the fun, starting when they were still in utero:

this is my youngest attending Fan Day in 2010 courtesy of my belly taxi (ignore the pretzel in my hand…I was eating for 2 and apparently could not be stopped while the picture was being taken)

(hey, college football is huge in the South and when both parents attended the same school, you gotta start the love early!).

It’s not all that incredibly exciting, but it’s a chance to see the players and the coaches and to let the kids get free promotional junk and get our picture taken with Chief Osceola and see his horse, Renegade, etc.;

it’s amazing the difference a year can make! My babies have all grown so much since this picture was taken and they will probably be taller than me in next year’s shot.

basically it’s a free way to get pumped about college football season being upon us and to get a new poster of the team. (FYI, last year my older son was more excited about getting posters of the cheerleaders and Golden Girls – the FSU dance team, not the geriatric women from tv, even though a poster of Betty White would be awesome too – than the actual football team, probably because they were all available to stop and give him a hug, unlike the football players; or he is already in love, but who wants to go there?!)

both kids were in heaven from all of the attention while getting their posters signed

Over the last few years, my son was a huge fan of #83 Bert Reed, a wide receiver who happened to graduate last year and is currently on the Cleveland Browns.  But, it wasn’t solely because of his prowess on the field; it was also because for 3 years in a row, he stopped to high-five my son on his way out to the area where the players sign autographs.  Getting a high-five from an athlete of any stature is a big deal to a little kid and getting 3 from the same person (as if he actually remembered my son from the previous years) is incredible and anybody who will do that for my kids is a top notch guy in my book.

I wasn’t prepared the first year, but this is high-five/handshake #2

my camera delay missed the beginning, but you can still see the joy of high-five #3 🙂

This year, he won’t be there at Fan Day, and neither will we, but I know we will all be cheering for the Noles when game time comes!  So, until that time, let me first say thank you to Mr. Reed for being the highlight of our Fan Day for the last 3 years, and secondly, to the new Seminole football team, we are still cheering for you on Fan Day, even if it is from a little further away this year!  F*L*O*R*I*D*A* S*T*A*T*E, Florida State, Florida State, Florida State WOOOOOO!


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