It’s Way Too Quiet


Recently, my kids have been “testing” me….over and over and over again.  They insist on fighting constantly, usually resulting in all of us yelling (the baby usually just screams for fun so he can participate too, but equally as irritating as the fighting).  For the record, I do try to keep an inside voice but sometimes I have to get loud just to make them hear me over their nonsense!  Needless to say, it’s been a VERY long Summer this year with me adding multiple grey hairs to my ever-growing collection.

As such, it was with much joy that I stumbled upon the following scene last week:

imagine a quiet bedroom somewhere in Northern Florida; mom had previously sent her older children to this room so that she could put the baby down for a nap without him waking up 3 seconds later due to a sibling fight nearby.  About 3 minutes into the moment of attempting a nap, mom realizes that things are a little quiet upstairs.  This could be bad, very bad, because this house is rarely a quiet one.  She tiptoes upstairs to have a peek into the bedroom and realizes that both children are reading quietly and big brother is helping little sister out with the words she is having trouble with.  Could this be?  Cooperation without her insistence?! It was a Summer miracle!

definitely a miracle

I was thrilled because it gave me hope that one day they might actually continue this act for longer than 10 seconds at a time!  Success!…..then I walked back downstairs, smiling the whole way down to where my “sweet” child had been laying peacefully on the couch not 1 minute earlier, nice and dreamy-eyed.  I found this scene (NOTE TO SELF – stop leaving snacks on the table because this critter will get it no matter how far you push them back):

What? I was being quiet and self-sufficient.  Want a floor pretzel?

Never a dull moment, especially if things sound quiet.


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