The Case Of The Sticky Hands

Ok, you know those little hands on a string that you throw against the wall and they stick while they walk down the wall?  Yeah, both of my kids received one of these at a party LAST MONTH and thought it would be hilarious to throw them as high as they could.  Of course, this meant that they stuck to the ceiling and a part of the wall that is very close to the ceiling.  (It would have been way too easy to just throw them at a height we could reach)

#1 on our most wanted list – stuck high above our ceiling fan making me think there is a bug there every time I walk into the room – NOT COOL

We waited and waited and waited and…..they never crawled down the wall; apparently they are lazy hands.  We have very high ceilings in our living room, naturally, so without the assistance of a very tall ladder, there is no reaching these suckers.  I tried knocking them down with the dusting thing I use to clean the corners and I only succeeded in making them stick more.  I tried vacuuming them up; again, an epic fail.  I tried throwing sharp objects at them in an attempt to “accidentally” scrape one down.  NOTHING but more frustration on my part.

criminal mastermind #2, #1’s obvious partner in crime – stuck on the wall near the top of our vaulted ceiling

I’m fairly certain at this point that the sticky hands have every intention of living up to their name and staying with us through our duration at our local residence, aka probably forever.  I do not wish to continue to welcome them to our home with open arms in the way that my children did (and still do as they glance up with fond memories of the day they banished their friends to a higher place) and therefore, I need some new ideas.  They must be destroyed, preferably without the purchase of a ladder.   Anyone else dealt with these buggers?  I am at a loss and I am short so there is no way I will ever be able to reach them, even if standing on my husband’s shoulders.  Will I ever be rid of them?  Please help me before they start breeding and taking over our home!!!

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