Diaper Dilemma!

I have 3 children, 2 of whom have been potty-trained for quite some time.  You would think that I would be an expert at diapers by this point, having spent 90% of my married life changing them.  However, I am thoroughly convinced that the manufacturers of diapers like to randomly change how they make diapers just to throw parents off their game from time to time (and probably to get us to buy more packages or the more expensive kind).

With my oldest son, I registered for Huggies because my mom always used Huggies with my much younger brother and sister and they seemed to do quite well.  When it came time to actually use Huggies with my son almost 7 years ago, they weren’t so great.  He had a natural flair for having runny poop that would only stay inside of Pampers diapers (I learned this after trying many different brands and throwing away numerous outfits that were stained beyond repair by his nastiness).  He also had the ability to pee up and out of the diapers if I tried a cheaper brand.  Good thing I had coupons.

When my daughter was born 17 months later, I stuck with the Pampers Swaddlers for her and Pampers baby dry for him.  As she grew out of the Swaddlers, I decided to try the cheaper brands with her to see if a girl could handle those a little better than a boy.  After testing numerous brands again, we decided to go with the Target brand diapers and they were great for her (though my son could still only be leak-free with Pampers)!

Now I have a 3rd kid in diapers and I have done some more testing.  I used the Swaddlers again, in the beginning, because they are so soft on little newborn hind parts.  Those were great.  I tried the Up & Up brand once he outgrew the Swaddlers and to my surprise, they worked really well.  I’m guessing those manufacturers changed something over the last few years to make the diapers work for boys too!  Hooray for cheaper, and still effective, diapers.

A few weeks ago,I got some great manufacturer coupons and Target coupons in the mail AND I learned that our Target was clearing out some of the name brand diapers with the older wrappers on them – still brand new, just a different baby on the front, but for some reason that means the diapers are worth 50% less – not complaining; I’m totally into the discount, especially when coupled with 2 coupons!

So, I was able to get a box of Huggies and a box of Pampers for $10 total!  SCORE! The Huggies worked surprisingly well this time around (they must have changed something too), but since they are by far the most expensive diapers, we won’t be buying them again unless I find another awesome deal.  But, I was really disappointed with the Pampers Baby Dry, which had been my go-to diaper in the past!  The diapers immediately sagged upon the smallest introduction of pee so we were having to change them way too often (and this was in addition to him using the potty several times a day with a dry diaper) and they leaked EVERY NIGHT!  Anyone with kids knows this is the biggest pain in the butt, especially if your kid is a light sleeper anyway.  I don’t need one more thing waking him up at night!  What happened to Pampers?!  Did I just get a bad batch somehow or did they change their “formula” to make it worse since my last kid?

Ultimately, I am just sticking with the Up & Up diapers for my son because they must have adjusted their formula – for the better, unlike Pampers – between my 6-year-old and my 1-year-old to make them work better for boys and even though Target has raised the prices since my daughter wore them, they are still vastly cheaper than the other brands and quite effective. (*Just for the record, Walmart also has a brand called parents’ choice that is pretty good for day-time use and even cheaper than Up and Up, I just don’t enjoy shopping with the crowds and lines at Walmart unless absolutely necessary – they are pretty good diapers though*)

Has anyone else experienced the weirdness that is deciding which diaper to use for your baby/toddler?  Is it just because every kid is made differently or do they really change how they make the diapers from year to year?  One thing is for sure, I will be SOOOOOOO happy when diapers are a thing of the past!….Though hardcore potty training is one of my least favorite things in the world so I may take that statement back in the very near future.

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