An Adventure…Of Sorts

Due to the recent flooding in our area, a few of the possible outdoor “adventures” I had come up with for my husband and I to do during our overnight escape became a lot more difficult.  I really wanted to at least try to do something we had never done together and definitely something we couldn’t do with the kids, but what would that activity be?  Once again, our options are limited in this area so I asked my counterpart to try to come up with some ideas, too.

One of his ideas was “golfing” and I think he mentioned this as a joke because I’m certain he never expected me to find that at all appealing.  However, I have never been golfing in my life (though I am pretty good at putt-putt) and as loud as our kids are, there’s no way we could ever do that with them so I said, “why not”?  At first he thought we should just go to the driving range since I am clearly not well-equipped in the golfing department, but, like I said, I was feeling adventurous, so we went to a local par 3 course.  (I knew this was going to be a joke round because I am NOT athletic at all and I didn’t want to hold up any real golfers with my antics so we thought the little course would be a better fit).

Please come journey with me on my first round of golf (and imagine you can see my socks, which were pink argyle, just like Tiger Woods wears)!

here’s my ball getting a nice bounce down the sidewalk after I teed off – as it turns out, you need to aim for the flag when you tee off – who knew?

*I don’t have any pictures of me actually teeing off, which is a shame, because a few times I whacked that ball really far, but my husband insisted on watching where my ball went for me instead of taking my picture because it turns out if you try to watch your own ball while you are hitting it, you usually miss the ball or hit it 3 inches in front of you….again, who knew?)*

Here I am in my professional golf stance (please ignore my white, chicken legs)

If you look closely, you can see that I am wearing my husband’s super old golf glove, I’m thinking circa 1993, and looking slightly like Michael Jackson without the glitter.

Here’s the stream of yuck where one of my balls landed after the golf course architects decided it would be fun to try to make me launch one over it to get to the flag….I’m fairly certain there was an alligator in there and a wild boar in the trees beyond….not joking

Here’ s my husband on the last hole “patiently” waiting for me to stop taking pictures and actually hit my ball so we can go home

I had to get down like a professional to make sure that the ground wasn’t curving in an attempt to make me miss my shot

and, finally, a fist pump to the crowd (and by crowd, I mean the 4 guys at the driving range nearby) to celebrate my first successful-ish round of golf

I ended up scoring a total of 68 when the total par is 27, but that’s under 3 times par so I consider it a huge success and my husband actually said he was surprised how well I hit the ball when I wasn’t goofing off.  Luckily, no one else was playing when we were so I could capture every glorious moment at this hole-in-the-wall course, perfect for an adventurous first round of golf.

In spite of my vast golfing prowess, as proven by my pictures, I am officially announcing my retirement from the golfing world and passing the reins to my 6-year-old who is actually interested in learning the game.


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