An Anniversary Getaway!

This weekend, my husband and I were able to escape into the exciting world of childless people (a place we have not been in almost 7 years) when my mom surprised us with an overnight anniversary getaway to a nearby Bed and Breakfast while she and my grandma came into town to keep an eye on our 3 devilsangels.


We very rarely get to do anything without at least one of our kids so the idea of 24 whole hours to ourselves was thrilling!  I was looking forward to reminiscing about the early days of our relationship when things were a lot calmer!  But, now that we’re old and exhausted, it’s hard to come up with new ideas to keep us occupied so planning our extended “date” turned out to be somewhat challenging.

Tallahassee is technically a city, but it’s very small town considering it’s the state capital and it’s largely populated by college students, whom I have started referring to as kids, thus showing my age and ensuring that I cannot possibly show up at the local hangouts.  Nearly everything we have done over the last 7 years has been planned around our children – where do we eat? where kids eat free; what movie do we see? most likely something animated; who’s going to the random FSU sporting event we received tickets for?  check to see which of our big kids got to go last time because we need to be fair in the rotation, etc.

So, after considering several different options (and ruling them out due to extreme Summer heat, expensive cost or recent flooding due to tropical storm Debby), we decided to go old school and just do a nice dinner and an air-conditioned movie.

Sometimes it’s fun to revert to the teenage “I wonder if he’ll hold my hand during the movie” phase 🙂

We went to the movie before dinner to switch things up (and because we are used to going early with kids – just can’t break the habit) and we saw a movie about a talking bear, but trust me, that CGI character was not for children.

We then headed over to dinner at the Melting Pot (special thanks to my mother-in-law for the gift of this great dinner).  It’s kind of cliché, but it’s an experience we cannot share with our kids just yet so it works as an adult venue.  It was so nice to sit and have a complete conversation without being interrupted at least 300 times.  It was also marvelous to be able to take my time eating instead of inhaling my food or having to bring it home to reheat later because I spent the whole time cutting up the food of others.  PLUS, while my hubby insisted on ordering an entrée, I knew better and just ate the cheese course and saved the rest for dessert!


He was so stuffed by dessert time that I got to eat 95% of the deliciousness that is the Yin/Yang chocolate fondue! (This is the time when you realize that having been married for 8 years has its advantages because, unlike the dating era, I no longer felt the need to hide my love affair with the chocolate and I tore that sweetness up (and ordered a few extra slices of pound cake for my dipping pleasure…don’t tell anyone).

words cannot describe…

We then staggered back to our car in a slight food coma and headed to the B&B just two small towns over.

The McFarlin House

The B&B was an amazing house built in the late 1800s when the South’s economy was finally starting to recover from the war and although modern amenities were hidden throughout to add necessary comforts, it had a very nostalgic feel and it was perfect.   We sat on the porch swing and rocked in the rocking chairs like 90-year-olds before touring the gorgeous inside.

the parlor

the beautiful staircase

the antique pieces in the hallway

We then headed up to our cozy room on the 3rd floor.

our room was hidden behind the chimney of the old fireplace 🙂

charming and quaint

That night, a surprise bottle of champagne, strawberries and chocolate were brought up to us to help us celebrate!  At this point, my husband had recovered from his food coma so he was able to finally enjoy some fondue after all!


When we got up (early and without an alarm clock because with 3 kids your body just knows what to do), we took our time getting ready and had a wonderful breakfast in the beautiful dining room, helmed by the owner with true Southern hospitality!  It was all so peaceful and uninterrupted by the usual brother/sister “disagreements” of our children.

grand dining room

We packed our bags and headed back to town for one more “adventure” (which I will write about soon) but we made it back to our house in time to spend lunch with those little people we love so much and really did miss, despite my arguments to the contrary.

how can you not miss these kinds of shenanigans?!

As it turns out, life is a little weird without those squirts, even for 24 hours!  They had a blast while we were gone and told us all of the things they did, but the best part was the chokehold hugs from the older 2 and the crazy squeals of excitement from our 20 month old.  Looks like they love us and missed us too. 🙂


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