The Big Boy Bed

A few weeks ago, I had the unfortunate opportunity to watch my youngest son attempt to climb out of his crib head first.  As I was in the room at the time, I was able to grab his ankles before he tumbled out, but it scared me, nonetheless.  I was hoping this was just a one time thing because he was excited to see me, but he did it again the next night!

Now, all 3 of my kids have been climbers who just can’t stay in the crib so I am used to this at this particular age, so I did what I have done in the past and put the crib away in order to bring out the toddler bed.  I have no fear of the annoying part of him climbing in and out of bed and being a pain because I haven’t slept in 7 years and am well-adjusted to the life of over-exerted troll.  However, he is a PSYCHO SLEEPER aka “P.S.” (def: one who sleeps while in constant motion, rolling, kicking, stretching, clapping, etc. – no joke, he makes himself laugh and clap all while asleep).   The kid is literally non-stop, while awake and while asleep.

Because of his P.S. status, he has already managed to roll directly over the “prevent a child from rolling off” sides of his toddler bed several nights in a row, pretty much guaranteeing that this particular bed will not do the trick, even though it worked just fine for his big brother.  Granted, the bed is like one foot off the ground so the odds of him really hurting himself are slim, but it freaks his dad out when we hear the THUD that inevitably occurs so it’s time to think of something else.

Has anyone else ever had this issue and solved it?  I’ve thought of just using a mattress on the floor for a little while but he’s sure to roll off of that, too so is it really a solution?  I am not buying the $100 crib net either because I have seen how quickly my older kids could get in and out of one of these at a friend’s house a few years ago when they were my darling son’s age and I know it would be a waste of money, not to mention make me feel like I have a pet butterfly instead of a child.

What to do? What to do?  Last night he slept in the bed with us after falling out and I’m fairly certain he bruised my spleen, not to mention a cracked skull from a foot to the head and red cheeks from being used as a human drum, resulting in us getting out of bed together to watch Sprout at 4:30 so as not to wake anyone else up.   This simply will not do no matter how cute he is while cuddling me before the crack of dawn.  HELP ME, PLEASE!!!! 🙂

5 thoughts on “The Big Boy Bed

  1. I put my boys right into a twin bed and bought a bed rail. The rail is higher than a toddler bed and gives them more thrashing and wiggle room. My thought, they were going to end up in a twin bed eventually anyway, why waste money on a toddler bed? They didn’t have “toddler” beds when I grew up.

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