I Don’t Get It

I’m sure this won’t be the only post entitled “I don’t get it” since the things my kids do never fail to confuse me, but right now I am curious as to why my 19-month-old is obsessed with the toilet.  I introduced him to the Cars potty seat I saved from when my 6-year-old was potty training, thinking perhaps he would be easier to train and be in underoos by next month, but no such luck.

what fun

The first time I put him on there was because he surprised me by starting a stinky diaper as we were getting ready for a bath – good times.  I popped him onto the seat to finish his business, and he did, but it was really just good timing on my part.  He seemed to handle it pretty well (although I’m not even sure he realized what had happened) so I decided to try it again the next night in an attempt to avoid the nasty diaper or occasional bath time pee-pee.

He sat nervously on the potty seat placed on top of the regular toilet and looked at me like, “what am I supposed to do now?!”  I turned on the bath water hoping the epic sound of waterfalls would make him pee accidentally so I could point out what he was supposed to be doing, but of course this technique only seems to work on adults during long movies or car rides.

When he finally decided that just sitting on the toilet wasn’t fun anymore, he hopped down and he moved into the tub for his “bat” (bath).  I assumed this meant he wasn’t really interested anymore and I should probably wait a few more months before I tried again.  No big deal, right?

Of course I was completely wrong.  Now, all he wants to do is check out the big toilet with every opportunity he gets.  God help me if I accidentally leave the bathroom door open or he is able to sneak into the back bedroom which happens to have another entrance to the bathroom (one with a door that won’t lock)!  This is the view I get if I am not on top of his activity 24-7:

This is not actually my kid, but from behind, it looks just him partaking in his favorite pastime.

SOOOOO very gross and not at all amusing for this mama, but he thinks the toilet is the greatest thing ever.  And, not only does he want to splash in the toilet water, he wants to play with the potty seat too.  He insists on putting his potty on top of the toilet and then immediately taking it off again.  He doesn’t want to sit on it while it is on the toilet, just put it on and take it off and cheer for himself and the supposed progress he is making….and I’m supposed to clap along with him.  Hooray!  Occasionally he will sit on it while it is on the floor and read a book.  Yep, that’s what a potty is for, READING TIME.  He’s such a boy!

Has anyone else ever had a kid do this or is my sweet baby just one with strange interests, most likely to end up a penniless street artist who uses toilets as cereal bowls while trying to display them as a metaphor for some greater world issue?  Am I worrying too much about his future as a Depends model because he will never get potty-trained?

I guess I should be grateful that he hasn’t thrown anything into the toilet yet, including himself, because that would be worse, and ultimately more messy.  At what point will it be okay to try to reintroduce the potty to him for the purpose of actually going to the bathroom?  You would think I would have this down since he is my 3rd child, but he is a “unique” case, this kid.  Good thing he is cute because I really just don’t get this latest fascination!

3 thoughts on “I Don’t Get It

  1. Have you tried bringing him to the bathroom with you and talking to him about what you are doing (repetative words and phrases) so that he gets to know the process and will better able to make the connection? He may not realize yet, because he hasn’t had to, that he is in control of his pee and poo or may not even notice, yet. that he is doing it.. For a boy his age I recommend this video (costs nothing to watch it …but it will change your view of the process and make things easier) http://ohcrappottytraining.com/the-major-roadblocks-to-potty-training-success-video.html

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