Teacher “Sushi”

Well, the end of the school year has finally arrived and I was still down one gift for my daughter’s preschool teacher.  All year I have been hearing from my daughter about how much “Mrs. R” loves sushi.  Now, although my daughter can sometimes get details wrong, I trusted her with this information since I had been hearing the same thing over and over again, and we decided to get her a small gift certificate to a local sushi place.

Of course I just hate to give gift cards by themselves because usually they’re not for too much as we are on a budget, so I always want to dress them up a little to make it more exciting.   Therefore, we went to the store and purchased a few tiny supplies to add with the gift card so that it would look like we were giving her real sushi.  I think we succeeded but I made sure to add a card that said exactly what each thing was meant to be, just in case she didn’t get where we were going with this idea.

Sushi anyone?

We wrapped up a pink sleep mask in white tissue paper and black “seaweed” made from a plastic tablecloth to make a sushi roll, added a green bath sponge as “wasabi”, some “fresh salmon” (swedish fish), brown shredded paper “noodles,” the gift card, and a pair of chopsticks and put them all in this take out box.

My daughter was so excited to give this gift to her teacher!  Luckily this project was easy and my daughter was right about her teacher loving sushi.  Hopefully it made her teacher smile as much as it made us smile!

I’m always on the lookout for inventive ways to give small presents and this ended up being the perfect idea!  I do thank God that the end of the year gift giving is finally over, though!  Now we’re looking for things for next year….


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